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FMS Payroll Integration

Save time by syncing employee hours between TimeForge and FMS Payroll

About FMS

Providing accounting solutions since 1974, FMS knows the critical role that time plays in the ability to make smart business choices. This is very true for decisions involving labor, cash, costs, sales, stock, and shrink. In response to the industry’s needs, FMS formed a way for businesses to use modern, everyday activities to drive future decisions.

FMS takes historic accounting data and turns them into timely decision support tools. Data from all areas of your operation are brought together and managed in a central dashboard. This includes billbacks, receiving, merchandising, point of sale, HR, payroll, and treasury management, to name a few.

About TimeForge + FMS

TimeForge integrates with FMS to bring your employee time cards and payroll in sync. Forget about extra data entry or manual upkeep. With TimeForge, there’s no need to maintain hours worked in two separate systems – our integration will do it for you. Use our best in class software to track employee time punches, handle PTO, and maintain labor compliance. Then, use FMS to process your company payroll. Our integration will ensure staff member hours are accurate and complete so that you don’t have to worry about it.

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Why integrate?