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NCR Encor POS Integration

Track your labor and sales together when you integrate TimeForge with NCR Encor POS

About NCR

NCR Encor is the latest in leading POS platforms designed for today’s world. NCR is the globe’s enterprise technology leader in grocery and retail. It’s also the number one global POS software provider for the retail and hospitality industries. NCR creates software, hardware, and services for enterprises, small businesses, and everything in between.

About TimeForge + NCR Encor

TimeForge integrates with the NCR Encor platform to bring your sales and labor in sync. With this integration, you have the power to enforce staff scheduling, including meals and breaks while using TimeForge Attendance and TimeForge Scheduling. This will also help you stay compliant with state and local labor laws. 

Forecast your sales, gain powerful insights from your data, and ensure you have the right people on shift when you need them the most. We have over a hundred and fifty reports to choose from, including hourly sales reports, designed to help you stay on track. Our Manager mobile app allows you to view your sales and labor data anywhere, anytime.

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