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Paychex Payroll Integration

Sync employee time punches between TimeForge and Paychex

About Paychex

With Paychex payroll services, pay your staff your way and even automate your tax payments. You also get fast, accurate payroll processing that can calculate, file, and submit your payroll taxes for you. Paychex simplifies HR and benefits and integrates your company’s health, dental, vision, and other offerings for your staff. By partnering with top tier national and regional carriers, they can provide the benefits and services that employees and their families value most.

In addition to full suite payroll services, they also provide a number of packages to suit business of different sizes, such as DIY payroll options for smaller companies.

About TimeForge + Paychex

TimeForge integrates with Paychex to bring your employee time cards and payroll in sync. Forget about extra data entry or manual upkeep. With TimeForge, there’s no need to maintain hours worked in two separate systems – our integration will do the work for you, quick and easy. Use our best in class software to track employee time punches, handle paid time off (PTO), and maintain labor compliance. Then, use Paychex to run your company payroll. Our integration will ensure staff member hours are correct and complete so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Why integrate?