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RSI Background Screening and Reference Services

Get reliable information fast with RSI Background Screening

About RSI

RSI is a full service background screening and drug testing firm, with options for in house verification of work, school, and other references. Their experts uncover criminal records and crucial details that other companies often miss. Because of this, RSI has earned the trust and business of many valued partners around the globe. Their scope of services, vast data resources, and skilled team members all work in tandem to make sure you have the power to make the most informed hiring decisions. The goal of RSI is to ensure you make the best hire the first time, every time.

With a coveted PBSA Accreditation, RSI serves clients in all industries, both at home and abroad. The company takes pride in having the best quality data, unmatched compliance expertise, and superior customer service. One key to their success is that they do not get all their criminal record data from the same source.

About TimeForge + RSI Background Screening

At TimeForge, we bring added assurance to our customers’ growing businesses with the most accurate background screening services available through our partnership with RSI.

As an RSI client partner, you receive quicker turnaround on all background checks. With RSI, there’s no days or hours of waiting for returned calls. You get fast results. In addition, you also receive instant access to many reports, great customer service from RSI, and results based on the best criminal record data out there.

When paired with our hiring and onboarding software and applicant tracking (ATS) features, our RSI integration helps make sure that you have the smoothest and most consistent hiring process possible. Give our success team a call to learn more about TimeForge + RSI today!

Why integrate with RSI?