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TimeForge Version 1.4 Press Release

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Lubbock, TX , May 21, 2007 — TimeForge, a scheduling application designed for the food-service industry, was released in February and has been quickly adopted by the hospitality industry. For years, electronic scheduling has been a growing alternative to “pen-and-paper” scheduling, but most electronic systems have been overly complex and cumbersome to use. Employee scheduling is now simple! The software is easy to use, quick to implement, and provides an effective combination of quality software and extensive features, with monthly programs starting under $10 / month.

Along with the basic ability to quickly and easily create schedules that work for your business (including multi-week or monthly schedules), includes AutoScheduler™, an automatic scheduling tool developed with leading industry experts. The AutoScheduler™ program simplifies the creation of schedules by accurately balancing employee requests, payroll costs, and staffing requirements. With the click of a mouse, the AutoScheduler™ can create an entire 7-day schedule for your business in under 30 seconds! Blazing fast scheduling combined with industry-leading reports puts you and your managers back where you belong, on the floor with your customers.

TimeForge will automatically alert employees of newly posted schedules and schedule changes on a continual basis. Employees can be notified through the website, email, or even daily text message alerts. Multiple notifications provide a solid scheduling system that eliminates any confusion about staff responsibilities. also reduces the amount of time that managers spend on the phone with employeesEmployees can log in to their individual accounts and enter a work request (time off, school schedules, work preferences, etc.); the manager can then approve or deny employee requests at their convenience. can save your business time and money, and can reduce confusion and tension between the management and staff.

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About TimeForge
TimeForge is an employee scheduling application designed for the hospitality and restaurant industries. Currently used by more than 100 restaurants, bars, and clubs from all over the United States, TimeForge is designed from the ground-up to simplify the complicated process of employee scheduling, with a single task in mind: to put management back where they belong , on the floor with customers.

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