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Time and Attendance Made Easy

Over the last few months, we have been improving all three of our hospitality and retail labor management products, including TimeForge Attendance. TimeForge Attendance is

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TimeForge Attendance Improvements

Many of TimeForge’s November and December updates included improvements to scheduling, enhanced multi-unit capabilities, additional Point of Sale capabilities, and new training videos. We have

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TimeForge Updates for December

It’s been a while since we’ve written on the blog about TimeForge improvements, but we have been hard at work adding features, improving functionality, and

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TimeForge Improvements

We’re always improving and extending TimeForge to improve your business and to ensure that you can quickly and easily build schedules, manage time and attendance,

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New Labor Management Reports

TimeForge now includes eleven (11) new reports , which are available in the TimeForge user accounts.   Reports are necessary to run your business, and

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