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Weekly Schedule Templates: New in TimeForge

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TimeForge templates allow you and your managers to create reusable schedule patterns for daily usage, and you can have an unlimited number of templates in your account. The management team at your business can create company-wide standards for staffing specific days of the week, holidays, or any other day by using TimeForge’s template capabilities.

Templates can be “used” on any day of a schedule , instantly creating shifts for employees without the need to create shifts one at a time. TimeForge Templates have always had one limitation , they are only designed to be used for only a 24-hour (one day) time period.

Introducing TimeForge Weekly Templates! Managers specify daily templates for each day of the week, creating a Weekly Template. You can have as many Weekly Templates in your account as you would like!

How long does it take to make your employee labor schedule? It should take less than 5 minutes! Did you know that TimeForge can streamline and minimize labor costs through effective employee scheduling at your retail business, restaurant, bar, club, or hotel?

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