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Are you affected by the UKG/Kronos outage?

We can help.

Our industry experts are on hand to offer guidance and help you get through the next few weeks/months. And if you need a stop-gap timekeeping measure, please let us know. There’s no contract, and no expectations. We know you may just need a temporary system while you figure things out.

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TimeForge's centralized labor management dashboard means all the information you care about is always available - in one place.

Find out how TimeForge has helped other businesses

C&K Market’s existing timekeeping system suffered a sudden catastrophic failure. The company was left without a way to track or process time for its 1,100 hourly and salaried employees across 38 stores and 2 corporate offices.

Because their timekeeping system was a highly-customized solution that had served its purpose for years, C&K Market first sought assistance from the original solution provider. The provider gave an estimate of 4 months before work toward a replacement could even begin, with an estimated 6-8 more months before C&K Market could be up and running and able to track time again. For C&K Market, that timeframe simply wasn’t going to work.

"TimeForge not only replaced our timeclocks in less than a week, but also was extremely helpful in navigating the difficult labor laws of both California and Oregon. The continuous changes to labor laws in both states along with similarities in some areas, and stark differences in others, was clearly understood by the installation and support teams from TimeForge."
Eric Armstrong
Director of IT, C&K Market, Inc.

Besides timekeeping, what can you do with TimeForge?

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We’re providing expert timekeeping advice to businesses affected by the UKG/Kronos outage.

You can also reach us at [email protected] or 866-684-7191. We work in the US, and our business hours are M-F 8AM to 6PM Central.