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TimeForge Updates!

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We’ve been busy busy busy here at TimeForge and a slew of small (and big) features have gone live over the past few weeks! We want to keep you in the loop so here’s a summary of them:
Fixed issues:
  • Customers with double punch problems caused from multiple locations and overlapping attendance entries have been fixed.
  • Many internal improvements have been made to speed up the site (yay!).
  • Sales reports are getting fast…faster…blazing fast!!
  • Some sales related errors on the corporate today page have been resolved.
  • Scheduling Lite no longer includes terminated staff in its count of users.

New features:

  • TimeForge now supports inbound text messages in regards to shift confirmations.  Employees can respond to shift reminder texts with “confirm” or “conf” to confirm the shift and TimeForge wills end back a text saying that shift is confirmed.
  • We have enabled “random” pay periods when exporting payroll.
  • We have made holiday calculations separate of overtime so that holiday pay occurs before overtime pay.
  • Our mobile manager app is now available in the Apple store as well as the Android store!  The app now includes weather and sales metrics for the day.
  • TimeForge introduces Applicant Tracking to help you better manage applicants during the employee hire process.
  • TimeForge introduces the Call To Clock In feature, allowing employees to clock in via phone.

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