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Anthony Makes Labor Scheduling Simple!

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What’s your name?
Anthony Presley
What do you do at TimeForge?
I work daily with the brains (the customers!) behind the best labor management software on the planet.  My primary role is to ensure that the software that TimeForge produces does exactly what customers need, and that usually means dragging the HR departments of our customers kicking and screaming into the world of iPhones and Blackberrys, Facebook and Twitter.  It ain’t easy.
How long have you been working with TimeForge?
and I introduced TimeForge to the world in February of 2007. That makes us almost 5 years old!
What’s your favorite part of working at TimeForge?
I love working daily with customers from all over the globe to solve their labor problems. I work with managers who just opened (or bought) their first Subway franchise, and groups who have hotels and resorts around the globe with thousands of employees. The problems are varied, but TimeForge still manages to solve them all.
How do you make the lives of TimeForge customers better?
Prior to TimeForge, I managed a variety of software projects for customers to keep their businesses humming along.  The one unifying factor for these customers?  Staffing problems, turnover, over-time, and labor issues plague each and every one.  It didn’t take long for the light bulb to click on, and TimeForge has been at the forefront of ensuring that employees of all generations get along just fine with the management (of all generations!).
What was your first hourly job?
Long ago, and far away, I worked for Rockwell International (before they were sold to Boeing) in a summer internship to bring the web to a VAX system. I wrote low-level C code to process web requests (before there was Spring, .NET, or Ruby on Rails).
What was your first restaurant or retail job?
I spent about a year and a half working as a front-desk sales person and retail specialist for an Internet Service Provider and computer retailer in Northern Virginia, that was later acquired by Earthlink. We sold custom-built computers to customers, and I worked the retail counter.
What’s your favorite hobby?
Spending time with my kids is usually pretty relaxing. With a teenager and an almost-teenager, I spend time running soccer practices, shuttling kids around, and showing up for chess competitions.
What’s your favorite sports team?
Does FC Lubbock count? Andromeda Lubbock? When we have a good football coach, I’m a fan of Texas Tech football. We also keep up with FC Dallas.
Do you have any pets?
Yes; two mutt dogs (Coca and Marble), and a blue and gold macaw named Dren. He’s basically a feathered toddler with sharp claws and a large beak, which he will swing at you to either playfully kiss your hand, or remove a large chunk of flesh – he decides which one as soon as he grabs your hand.

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