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Smart Tools for Busy People

Labor management to keep you sane.

Our Solutions

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Smart and Simple
Mobile Apps

Free employee app for staff to request time, see schedules, swap shifts, and review timecards. Teams love the TimeForge app for communication.

Free manager app for leadership to engage with real-time sales and labor data, edit schedules and timecards on the fly, and identify coverage gaps easily.

Solutions for Managers
and Employees

Tools for every stage of the employee lifecycle - hiring, onboarding, leave management, staff scheduling, timekeeping, task management, team communication, and more.

TimeForge especially excels at labor precision - identifying how many people you need when, where.

Enforced Compliance
for Peace of Mind

California employment law too complex? Need help with predictive scheduling in Philadelphia? Trying to figure out how to enforce meal periods so your staff take the breaks you're giving them?

We have automated tools for all of the major compliance headaches you're tired of dealing with.

Employees Managed
Schedules Built
Messages Sent

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