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Elevate your business with smart labor management

Streamline your HR and operations with a full suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools made for busy people like you

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What we're all about

TimeForge is more than best-in-class scheduling software, it’s also a full labor management platform designed to save your business time and money. We don’t think labor management should be hard. That’s why our software takes care of the tedious “small stuff,” so that you can focus on the things that matter. Learn more about our award winning retail labor management system, sign up for a free trialcontact us, or schedule a live demo to quickly find out how our 14+ years of experience and cutting-edge tools can keep you and your team on the same page.

TimeForge has two mobile apps, both completely free: one for employees and another tailored for managers. Teams love our apps because they make it easy to stay in communication and on top of busy schedules.

With the employee mobile app, staff can request time off, view schedules, swap shifts, and check their timecards. The app supports clock-ins, clock-outs, lunches, and breaks, too! With the manager mobile app, leadership can engage with real-time sales and labor data, edit schedules and time punches on the fly, and identify coverage gaps easily.

TimeForge has smart tools for every stage of the employee life cycle, from hiring to onboarding, staff scheduling, time keeping, task management, team messaging, and more. Our platform isn’t just scheduling software, it’s a full workforce management (WFM) solution designed to keep you sane.

One area in which TimeForge really excels, for example, is labor precision. Our software can quickly identify how many people you need, when you need them, and where you need them. Powerful proprietary algorithms ensure you meet your labor targets and stay within your labor budgets.

California employment law too complex? Need help with predictive scheduling in Philadelphia, perhaps? Trying to figure out how to enforce meal periods so that your employees take the breaks you’re giving them?

TimeForge has automated tools for all of the major compliance headaches you’re tired of. With break enforcement, you can eliminate costly penalties in a cinch. In cases where staff need to work back-to-back shifts, TimeForge can automatically compensate them according to rules you define, thereby saving your business from expensive fines and regulatory fees.

Thousands of businesses leverage TimeForge every day

Trusted by operations and HR

“TimeForge is intuitive and extremely user friendly. We love the AI technology that helps us make timely data driven decisions on one of our highest operating expenses. Labor scheduling and management can be very complex. We appreciate all the automated features that helps us stay aware of our blind spots and keeps us focused on our Guests. We also love that we can automate and track progress on punch lists, take performance notes, manage our food safety certifications by shift and more! It’s evident that this software was built with the end user in mind.”

Tessa Bergmans
Director of HR
Dom’s Kitchen and Market


Everything you need to manage your labor - in one place

What our customers are saying

In the current employment situation we are facing it is a great tool to help us become more efficient and try to do more with less. Helps keep track of our labor percentage [in] real time so we are far more proactive in decision making. Excellent help desk that gets back to you.

– Aaron F., Operations

Read Aaron’s full review on Capterra.


TimeForge has been a game changer in our company with scheduling and labor management. It [has] allowed us to refine our processes for scheduling and to assess business volume levels right down to the details we were never able to get to you previously.

– Ally S., Director

Read Ally’s full review on Capterra.


Did we say full labor management suite?

We weren’t kidding! With TimeForge, there’s no need to cobble together multiple labor management systems to handle different parts of the employee life cycle. Our software does it all and ensures that your POS and payroll integrations are always in sync. That means centralized records, always there when you need them – without the hassle of manual data entry between platforms.

Here are a few of the many things our software can do for you:

Connect to other point-solutions you already use

TimeForge integrates with dozens of industry-leading point of sale, HR, and payroll software systems. Whether you’re in the grocery, retail, or restaurant business, our integrations will make your sales and labor data work hard for you — instead of the other way around.

Employees Managed
Employee Schedules Built
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Let's talk about your business.

TimeForge is supported by a rockstar customer success team. Each one of us wants to see your business thrive, which is why we will happily show you a live demo of our software in action – tailored to your specific business needs.