Intelligent Sales Forecasting

Get real-time sales insights, AI-engineered schedules, and automated labor compliance in the palm of your hand.

Photo of the TimeForge Manager Mobile App showing a sales forecasting chart.

Why it's awesome

View the big picture from anywhere with a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard

Track your entire operation from a single dashboard, whether you have one location or hundreds. Our dashboard is intuitive, user-friendly, and can be customized in seconds to suit your needs.

With our Manager Mobile app for Android and iOS, you can take your sales and labor data with you anywhere.

But let’s face it: any sales and labor analytics product worth its salt has a dashboard and a mobile app these days. Ours is the only one you need, because under the hood, we have the most powerful and accurate forecasting engine out there.

Screenshot of the TimeForge dashboard showing real-time sales and labor graphs.
a screenshot of the timeforge dashboard, showing centralized labor management
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Focus in on location-specific sales and labor metrics you care about

Zoom in and get insights for one location to compare how it’s doing to other stores. Our sales forecasts provide a granular, precise view of your data in 15-minute increments.

And our software doesn’t just forecast and analyze sales. It can look at any labor determinant that’s important to your business, including online orders, guest traffic, and even delivery times.

Generate hourly sales reports whenever you need them. If one of our hundreds of pre-built reports doesn’t fit the bill, you can build a custom report for anything in just two easy steps.

98.87% hourly accuracy in quarter-hour department sales forecasts. This is smart labor management.

Our AI builds perfect schedules in seconds and saves managers hours

Most retail managers spend over 4.5 hours scheduling staff each week. That’s almost an hour every day that they’re not spending on the floor. But with AI-driven coverage, managers can have perfect schedules built, compliance-checked, and posted in mere minutes.

Our machine learning algorithms continually learn from your data to fine-tune your schedules according to your labor standards and specific staffing rules.

If you’re in an area with fair workweek regulations, our daily iterative forecasts can help you avoid understaffing while staying compliant with secure scheduling laws.

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Predicting Sales is Difficult without the Right Tools

Manager projections with TimeForge

When projecting hourly sales 1 week out, the average retail manager is off the mark by 11 to 16%. Compare that to when they use TimeForge, which lowers the variance to a mere 1-2%.

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Take the wheel with proactive compliance

More than 62% of wage and labor violations can be prevented with TimeForge. That’s tens of thousands of dollars in penalties each year that could be better spent growing your business.

While most solutions can barely keep up with a compliance paper trail, let alone help you control the costs, our forecasting and scheduling systems work together to help you plan the best schedule possible and avoid costly mistakes in the first place. 

When things look like they might not go according to plan, TimeForge will automatically alert you before it becomes a problem.

Product summary

Sales Forecasting Software | TimeForge
Sales forecasting dashboard

With its powerful sales forecasting engine, TimeForge can build, compliance-check, and post labor optimized schedules in mere minutes.

Operating System: Windows, OSX, Android

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