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Why it's awesome

Store important employee information in one secure place

TimeForge HR is a secure, online human resources software. It allows you to add and edit employee records, manage staff leave, ensure labor compliance, and upload documents to TimeForge. Our automated solutions make ongoing HR maintenance tasks faster and more convenient than any other labor management product. Or paper based HR process.

For example, TimeForge safely stores employee records and basic personal information, including forms such as I-9s and W-4s. In addition, it stores training manuals, insurance verification, certifications, and exam scores. Basically, any documents that are essential to the day to day of your business. With our HR dashboard, you can organize these files for easy sending and retrieval, all from one central place.

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a screenshot of the timeforge dashboard showing online document storage for onboarding and certifications
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Save time and money by streamlining your HR processes

Use our Human Resources software to define and collect necessary pre-hire and onboarding documents in a stream lined way. Then, use it to track the completion of exams, forms, and staff training. TimeForge can also require that all new and existing staff members fill out necessary HR forms before allowing them to clock in.

You can even set TimeForge HR to require certain forms to be filed before a new hire or existing staff member can be scheduled to work. This innovative feature allows management to define a standard employment process for the company. With a standard process, you ensure that your business is both consistent and compliant.

What’s more, TimeForge HR integrates seamlessly with our applicant tracking and job board tools, saving you even more time. With TimeForge HR and ATS, you get custom job templates and a step by step system for tracking the best job candidates.

Save even more time by allowing employees to type in their own information

Instead of collecting paper forms and doing manual data entry, simply enter an employee’s email address into TimeForge to get them started.

Our HR software will automatically email the employee instructions on how to log in to TimeForge and update their profile. In addition, our online knowledge base and training guides provide quick and easy tutorials on many common tasks. For example, topics include how to check upcoming schedules, enter requests for time off, and edit availability. These tutorials greatly speed up the onboarding process within your organization. They also improve employee retention over time.

With TimeForge, team members can receive notices, info, and alerts through the mobile app on their phones. All they need is a WiFi signal or network connection.

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View employee attendance and update employee records with just a few clicks

With TimeForge HR and TimeForge Attendance combined together, employees can view a comprehensive attendance page. This page displays their work hours, shift by shift, along with their earned pay. One way this is helpful to management is that it allows employees to spot any errors or discrepancies before payroll.

If at any time a single staff member needs files added to their record in TimeForge, managers can quickly go into the employee’s profile. Then, send them HR documents to complete – or simply upload new ones. This is quite helpful if an employee receives a new training certificate or changes tax status, for instance.

Manage employee leave and create custom leave policies with ease

Speaking of payroll and benefits, TimeForge will auto calculate HR benefits for staff members. These benefits can be defined as paid time off (PTO), sick leave, vacation, jury leave, and other types, based on the rules you set up. This makes it easy to keep accurate, timely records that help you stay compliant.

Setting the amount of hours an employee must work before they’re eligible to receive benefits is done with a few simple clicks. Employees can log into TimeForge at any time to view accumulated PTO hours on their time card.

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Avoid costly mistakes with proactive labor compliance

In many areas, failing to keep employee records on file results in extra costs for employers. With TimeForge, you can require newly hired staff to have the correct prehire and onboarding documents on file before they are allowed to work.

For example, if you run a restaurant or store that serves alcohol, you can collect employees’ legally required exam scores through TimeForge. When the license is close to its expiration date, TimeForge can automatically remind staff to renew. If the staff member forgets or fails to renew, our software can prevent them from clocking in. This is just one easy way to keep your business compliant and protect yourself from liability issues.

Define your own custom HR documents and requirements

In TimeForge, HR Documents are custom files you need to track, which are stored under specific categories in TimeForge. For example, an acceptance letter or I-9 could be filed under the category of Onboarding. On the other hand, a yearly handbook on company policies could be filed under the Ongoing Training.

For some items, you might require staff to simply acknowledge that they received and read the file. For others, you might need the employee to fill out a form or upload a file, as with training docs. TimeForge can do either – or both!

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Easily collect information from all employees or just subsets of staff

As noted above, you can use custom HR Types to store and organize necessary human resources documents. Once that’s done, the HR team can go a step further and create HR Activities for staff members to complete. You can create and send these to an entire company, location, or group of employees at the same time.

HR Activities can be applied to many types of situations based on the needs of your business. For example, you could use an HR Activity to collect benefits information for your entire org. You could also use it to onboard a cohort of new hires or to assign training to a select group of staff.

TimeForge is one of the best HR software solutions and HR platforms on the market, and it’s getting better all the time.

Save time (yes, we’re all about saving time!) with one-click hiring and firing

Not only can you hire or terminate an employee with the click of a button, but you can specify whether a fired employee is eligible for re-hire. In addition, you can archive any job applicant you decide not to hire – and then unarchive them later if you suddenly need to fill an open role.

When you do decide to hire a job seeker, the process is very simple. It does take just one click, and TimeForge moves all the applicant’s recorded info (name, address, position, etc.) into their new employee profile in the system.

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Keep management in the loop

A benefit of using TimeForge to manage your HR documents is that you can set up alerts to notify personnel of changes. TimeForge then alerts managers when an employee uploads a signed and completed form, for example.

When you create an HR Type as a Certification, Ongoing Training, or Prehire document, you have the option to notify both the manager(s) and the employee of due dates. This gives staff the chance to upload or renew the doc prior to the deadline.

On top of that, you can even set whether an employee is able to renew, or if only a manager is allowed to upload the most recent file. An employee performance report is a good example of a file that only management should have permission to upload.

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