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Simplify employee attendance and enforce staff schedules with worry-free biometric time clocks.

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Why it's awesome

Secure fingerprint scanning, contactless clock in options, and more with TimeForge

With our online employee scheduling and time clock features, time keeping is easier, safer, and more secure than ever. TimeForge is all about providing whatever solutions work best for your business. This is why our labor management software offers so many different options, including a variety of clock-in methods for your hourly employees. One of these methods is with an integrated biometric time clock that tracks employee time and attendance

Our fully-integrated biometric time clock uses fingerprints to verify identity. A major advantage is that it prevents buddy punching, while still being simple for anyone to use and compatible with all of the great features of TimeForge Attendance. Unlike some of our competitors’ clocks, however, our time clocks never store your employees’ real fingerprints.

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Buddy punching costs employers 2.2% or more of their total payroll. But it doesn't have to.

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Eliminate harmful buddy punching and other forms of time theft

Our biometric time clocks are faster and more secure than traditional methods for clocking in and out. We realize that time theft and buddy punching can be major issues for many industries with hourly employees. (Buddy punching is when one staff member clocks in for another.) These practices cut into a business’s bottom line, and they’re unfair to everyone involved.

Most people don’t steal time on purpose, but biometric clock-ins prevent small slip-ups from adding up into big issues. Because the time clock requires a fingerprint to verify the identity of whoever is using it, you can be certain that your team members are at work when they’re clocked in. This means that buddy punching doesn’t happen, and time theft isn’t going to be a problem.

Protect your employees with contactless clock-ins and health checks

If your business could benefit from using a hardware time clock but you don’t like the idea of asking your employees to share a fingerprint scanner while you’re trying to protect their health, don’t worry. Our timeclocks also support contactless options and built-in health checks. 

Checking employee health at the time they clock in reduces the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. This not only helps keep them safe and happy, but it also protects your customers and saves your business money that would otherwise be spent on sick leave. It’s a win-win! 

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Take advantage of powerful schedule and break enforcement options

Schedule enforcement is an important time tracking tool used by many TimeForge clients. It allows you to set a grace period during which an employee is able clock in or out. The grace period is relative to when their shift begins and ends. If an employee tries to clock in outside their specified grace period, they’ll have to get help from a manager. This prevents employees from riding the clock and gives managers the chance to address tardiness on the spot. 

TimeForge’s schedule enforcement features are even more effective when combined with biometric ID. With both features enabled, you have more control over when your employees start and end their shifts. The time clock also supports other settings that assist in staying compliant, such as meal and break enforcement.

Enroll new employees on the time clock in just a few seconds

It might sound complicated, but the time clock is pretty easy to set up and even easier to use. The process of adding an employee to the clock is quite simple. It doesn’t require any extra equipment besides the time clock, and it only takes a few moments to complete. Three scans is all it takes to enroll a new employee using their fingerprint.

Once an employee has been added to the system, you should have the employee test it out to be sure everything works properly. After everyone is up and running on the time clock, clocking in and out will be quicker and simpler than ever. You’ll be able to track employee time with ease. And because TimeForge never stores the fingerprints themselves, your employees can enjoy peace of mind.

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Take breaks, confirm shifts, and more

Our time clocks are more than just a clocking app for tracking time spent or keeping employee hours. Employees can also perform actions such as take breaks, view their work schedule, and check their attendance sheet. This way, they won’t need to sign into TimeForge on a computer or mobile app each time they need something. 

We realize that businesses often have employees who work in multiple departments or positions. When necessary, our time clocks prompt employees to confirm which shift or department they’re clocking in for. This ensures that employees are paid the correct pay rate for the job they do.

Enjoy seamless integration with our scheduling and attendance solutions

Our online employee scheduling and time clock features are designed to work together for you. The biometric time clock is fully integrated with the TimeForge system, meaning it’s compatible with all the settings and features that help your business work its best. This includes our scheduling enforcement and automated compliance features.

In addition to biometric fingerprint scanning and no-contact options, our time clocks also support the option to clock in and out with a PIN or password. For added security, the time clock can be set so that a user must enter their PIN or password before scanning their fingerprint in order to sign into the time clock.

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Easy, affordable, versatile. What's not to like?

Take advantage of fully-integrated time clocks that always know when your employees are clocked in or out.