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Need an alternative to Logile? TimeForge is the labor management suite designed for retail and grocery operations.

Why it's awesome

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TimeForge is a great alternative to Logile because it’s designed with real operations in mind

Our labor management platform makes scheduling easy and pain free because it’s built for operators who work in the fast-paced environment of retail and grocery. We’re able to get you up and running in a matter of hours, and both employees and managers love our user-friendly software and mobile apps!

The difference? We listen to and understand our customers’ needs but don’t charge them a fortune on implementation or lock them into expensive contracts. Our platform takes only days to fully implement with timeclocks – not months! Just ask our friends over at C&K.

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Thousands of retail and grocery businesses use TimeForge every day

Top Reasons Retailers and Grocers Switch from Logile to TimeForge

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Get support from real experts who understand the ins and outs of the industry

Do you wish you could spend more time growing your business and less time troubleshooting your scheduling platform?

With TimeForge, you can. Our rockstar support team is made up of SHRM-certified industry experts who understand our software inside and out. Get us on the phone instantly or shoot us an email. Our average support ticket response time is under an hour.

Unlike our competitors, every member of our team has experience working in the retail industry and deeply understands the challenges that operators face every day.

Reduce staff turnover with better employee engagement

Unlike our competitors’ products, TimeForge has several features that will help you proactively engage your workforce and monitor their engagement in real time.

Our software tracks everything from picked up shifts to no shows to tardy clock-ins and presents these statistics in real time on our centralized dashboard. View manager log book entries, staff log entries, shift notes, and task completion notes, too!

Don’t believe us? Check out our white paper comparing turnover rates among TimeForge users to the retail industry at large.

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Save time and money with our integrations into leading POS and payroll platforms

Is your scheduling software provider dragging their feet on a third-party integration? TimeForge already integrates with many of the industry’s leading POS and payroll platforms, which means you can start taking advantage of them right away – and at no extra cost!

Our powerful sales integrations pull data from your POS platform to help you make more efficient schedules. Even better – our system can build your schedules for you. Automatically, and based on the rules you define.

Get more done with mobile apps that work

Does your current app feel like extra work rather than a convenience?

Empower your management team with access to our 100% free manager mobile app for iOS and Android. Managers can view real-time labor stats and manage employees from the convenience of a mobile device.

With our free employee mobile app, employees can check their time cards and schedules, request time off, swap shifts, and more.

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What are users saying about Logile's mobile app compared to TimeForge?

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Logile Reviews in Google Play

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Ready for a Logile alternative with amazing customer support?

TimeForge is partnered with the best in the industry and is supported by a rockstar customer success team.