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Labor management has never been easier

Managing employee schedules and labor costs in the retail, hospitality, and food service industries has never been easier. TimeForge labor management solutions keep staff members in the loop and managers on the floor.

Our platform includes restaurant scheduling software, biometric time clocks for grocery stores, and sales forecasting and AI for sales-driven businesses. With our team messaging features, employees and supervisors are always on the same page.

Applicant Tracking & Onboarding

Track applicants and hire with a click

The employee life cycle starts with a compelling job post, but it doesn’t end there. With TimeForge, you can design and publish job postings and track your applicants step-by-step. When it’s time to hire, instantly transfer applicant information into a new employee profile without any additional data entry.

  • Create custom applicant workflows
  • Save time with templates
  • Identify the best candidates 
  • Hire and onboard with a single click 
Screenshot of applicant tracking and hiring screen with the one-click HIRE button.
Move an applicant's details into a new employee profile with one click.

Human Resources

Screenshot of the TimeForge dashboard showing online document storage.
Allow employees to upload documents or fill out forms online.

Go digital and never lose files again

Our Human Resources software makes it easy to collect onboarding and training documents from employees. Whether it’s an I-9 form or an attestation signature, you can be sure you’re getting everything you need from your staff. Because the files live securely in the cloud, nothing ever gets lost. Ever.

  • Go paperless
  • Publish online forms and documents
  • Gather digital signatures
  • View and edit employee records

Proactive Labor Compliance

Stay compliant with the laws - automatically

Tracking paid and unpaid breaks is a pain for restaurants and retailers, especially if you’re in a highly regulatory state like California. But it doesn’t have to be. Our software automates compliance and can enforce your staffing rules so you can avoid non-compliant situations from ever happening in the first place.

  • Get instant alerts about compliance issues
  • Enforce schedules, meal periods, and breaks
  • Track and enforce licenses and certifications
  • Automate holiday pay, OT, DOT, and more
Screenshot of TimeForge overtime alerts options.
Choose which alerts to receive and configure them the way you want them.

Employee Scheduling

View and access the day's schedule from the TimeForge dashboard.

Create perfect schedules in seconds

Every employee schedule created by TimeForge reduces labor costs and increases profits. Quickly and easily create schedules that meet your projected sales and labor targets while staying within your labor budget. Because schedules are cloud-based, employees can view their upcoming shifts anytime through our self-service portal.

  • Generate schedules with perfect coverage in seconds
  • Automatically assign shifts to staff
  • Build schedules from your favorite templates
  • Enable employees to check their schedules online

Time & Attendance

Manage employee attendance with ease

Keeping track of employee hours and overtime doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore. TimeForge makes it easy to track and edit attendance from one centralized dashboard. And with our secure login features, issues like buddy punching, long punches, and overtime are no longer a problem.

  • Prevent buddy punching, long punches, and more
  • Choose how staff clock in and out
  • Enable employees to check their time cards online
  • Keep employees engaged with shift satisfaction ratings
Screenshot of the TimeForge dashboard showing the clock-in widget.
Flexible clock-in options - choose what's right for your business.

Manager Log Book

Attach documents and photos to log entries!

Track important details your way

TimeForge’s Daily Log is actually three log books in one: a manager log, a staff log, and an audit log. Each log book has many advantages and serves an important purpose: keeping teams on the same page. Because log entries live online, they can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and can never be lost, damaged, or stolen.

  • Record and quickly search daily notes
  • Empower and engage employees with staff logs
  • Automatically record events in the audit log
  • Never lose important details again

Team Communication

Streamline communication with staff

The pandemic made it clear that businesses require easy tools for communicating important details with management and staff. TimeForge provides several efficient means for connecting with your workforce no matter where you are. We understand how important it is to get the message across.

  • Send a message to one employee or all
  • Check read receipts to see who got the message
  • Leverage SMS text messaging to reach people fast
  • Call, email, or text at the tap of a button
Stay up-to-date with notifications and messages.

Labor Analytics & Reporting

Screenshot of the TimeForge dashboard showing real-time sales and labor graphs.
See your sales and labor at-a-glance.

Gain instant insights into your business

When you have the right tools at your fingertips, you can spend less time in a back office and more time on the floor. Our labor management solutions come with hundreds of prebuilt reports to help you get your business where it needs to be. View your data in real-time or schedule reports to be sent daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • View prebuilt reports for almost anything
  • Build your own custom report in seconds
  • Schedule reports to be sent by email
  • Get actionable, real-time information

Task Management

Track one-time and recurring tasks

With our task management and team execution software, you can be sure those tasks big and small are getting done. Create custom checklists for anything that matters to your business, then get notified about completed and overdue tasks.

  • Create custom checklists for your teams
  • Receive alerts when tasks are overdue
  • Upload files and pictures to completed tasks
  • Stay on top of hand washing and workspace sanitizing
Screenshot of TimeForge task management checklist in progress.

Sales Forecasting

Photo of the TimeForge Manager Mobile App showing a sales forecasting chart.

Generate schedules with perfect coverage

Whether you’re in an area with secure scheduling laws or just want to streamline your process, TimeForge’s forecasting engine is your answer. Forecast anything that matters to your business, including hourly sales in 15-minute increments – and at 98.87% accuracy!

  • Generate perfect schedules weeks in advance
  • Make informed decisions ahead of time
  • Optimize your labor
  • Get insights in real-time

Mobile Apps

Get the job done from anywhere

Every feature we’ve listed so far is integrated into our smart mobile apps. Want to check your current sales across one or more locations? Easy with our manager app. Clock-ins, schedules, time cards, it’s all available in the palm of your hand.

  • Manage employees from anywhere
  • Track your sales and labor from anywhere
  • View schedules and attendance from anywhere
  • Communicate with staff from… yep, you get the idea
Photo of the manager app login screen.

Biometric Time Clocks

Photo of the TimeForge Time Machine, a retail-hardened Android time clock.

Keep accurate time without the risks

Our time clocks do more than just allow staff to punch in or out. Employees can take breaks with the press of a finger, check their work schedule, view their time cards, and more. Because our clocks are “stateful”, they always know the status of your employees – whether currently clocked in, on break, etc.

  • Save time with fingerprint clock-ins or passcodes
  • Eliminate buddy punching
  • Enforce staff schedules and breaks
  • Never store actual fingerprints – privacy isn’t a problem!

Save time and sync your data between POS and payroll platforms

Skip the duplicate data entry and let TimeForge sync your data for you. Our software supports seamless, real-time integration with popular payroll and point-of-sale platforms. You’ll not only save time, but you’ll avoid mistakes.

  • Save time and money with existing integrations
  • Avoid the problems of manual data entry
  • Use the platforms you love instead of compromising
  • View your data anytime, anywhere
TimeForge on target

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