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Take control with proactive labor compliance

Prevent wage and labor violations with real-time alerts and pre-configured staffing rules for your city and state.

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Why it's awesome

Stop simply tracking your labor penalties and start preventing them

Most HR software is more concerned with paperwork than prevention. TimeForge is different. It’s more than different: it’s better. We’ve had labor compliance and fair workweek figured out for years.

While most solutions can barely keep up with a compliance paper trail, our software uses proactive staffing rules and real-time alerts to prevent costly scheduling mistakes from ever happening in the first place.

Staffing rules can be pre-configured for your city or state, or you can customize the system according to your business’s unique policies.

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Stay on top of labor compliance with automatic alerts and easy real-time reports

TimeForge features automated alerts for things like overtime, “clopens”, split shifts, and other penalized situations, so managers can make quick, timely adjustments to the schedule.

Real-time compliance reports show actionable insights on demand, from attendance vs. scheduled hours, to employees approaching overtime, to expiration dates for staff certifications on file.

More than 62% of wage and labor violations are preventable with TimeForge.

Build perfect schedules in seconds, then ensure your team sticks to the plan

Our sales forecasting and scheduling systems work hand-in-hand to craft smart schedules with just the right coverage. With built-in schedule and break enforcement, you can be sure that your staff stick to the plans you’ve laid out.

In an area with fair workweek laws? No problem. With TimeForge, you can lock down posted schedules to prevent edits that would result in penalties. Shift swaps give staff more opportunities to adjust their own schedules, which keeps them happy while helping you avoid fair workweek fees.

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Whether you’re new to Fair Workweek or on your second or third solution, we’ve got you covered. Our Fair Workweek eBook lays out the 5 things you need to start doing NOW to protect your business and stay compliant. 

We also explain what to look for in a labor management solution. Most solution providers will say they can handle the complex scheduling and pay rules involved in fair workweek, but the reality is: they can’t. We’ll tell you exactly how you can be sure you’re getting a solution that works.

Keep your customers and employees safe while protecting your business from lawsuits

With our biometric timeclocks, you get time theft prevention, a health screen questionnaire, and temperature checks all in one. Don’t want to use our built-in options? Customize the clock-in screen with your own labor compliance attestation form.

Our system drastically reduces missed punches and, unlike our competitors’ timeclocks, can actually tell you whether an employee is currently clocked in or out.

Our certification enforcement feature not only alerts employees and their managers about upcoming expiration dates – it also prevents employees from being scheduled or clocking in if their required work certifications are expired.

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Alleviate the paperwork burden and automate your labor compliance

No matter how well you prepare, things never go 100% according to plan. Not to worry. In situations where overtime and “clopens” simply can’t be helped, TimeForge will automatically add the applicable exceptions and premiums to employee time cards.

All exceptions are logged securely in the cloud, so you can be confident that you’re properly in compliance – and have the audit trail to prove it.

Product summary

Labor Law Compliance Software | TimeForge
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Stop reacting to penalties and start preventing them with proactive labor compliance. TimeForge automates compliance for your city and state.

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Ready to take control of your labor compliance?

Protect your business against costly penalties with seamless audit logs, real-time alerts, and schedule and certification enforcement.
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