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TimeForge for Franchisors

Benefits for Franchisors

TimeForge for Franchisees

Benefits for Franchisees

Streamline your franchise with an enterprise labor management system that scales

TimeForge is smart labor management software for business owners and operators in any industry. Our scalable enterprise-ready platform features a full suite of tools that will help you stay ahead of scheduling, compliance, and other workforce headaches.

And because our software is modular, you’re free to use only what you need without getting distracted by what you don’t.

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Gain real-time visibility into your business

Franchisors and multi-store franchisees love our centralized dashboard and mobile app, which show real-time information on how the business is doing both within and across locations. Want to know which stores are performing better than others? It’s easy with TimeForge’s above-store sales dashboard.

Franchisees love our award-winning scheduling and timekeeping features, which help them meet and exceed corporate’s labor goals.

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Learn how a franchisee saved $140,000 per year with TimeForge

Are your franchisees using a scheduling software? Is it saving them tens of thousands of dollars in labor every year? It should be.

Even though they were using employee scheduling software, it was still taking Zaxby’s too long to create a schedule. After switching to TimeForge, they not only saved time but $12,000 a month! Just by reducing inefficiencies. And that’s not even counting the $86,000 a year saved by reducing employee turnover.

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Work with the best in POS, payroll, inventory management, and more

Want to work with the best? So do we! TimeForge partners with industry leaders to provide the best integrated solutions available. Our goal is to help your business thrive. To do that, we like to take care of the tedious “small stuff” that gets in the way – like manual data entry between separate platforms.

Our seamless integrations cut out the noise and reduce mistakes, so that your team can focus on doing what it does best.

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Ready to grow your franchise?

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