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Good communication within and across teams has never been more important. With TimeForge, it’s also never been easier. Our messaging features make it easy for managers and staff to stay on the same page. We designed each feature to help you get your information across as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our software includes a robust message system that can handle multiple recipients, send SMS texts, and log important details for later reference. When a team member logs into TimeForge, they are alerted right away to any unread messages, and managers can track read receipts to ensure everyone’s in sync.

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Send messages quickly through TimeForge

Our robust yet user friendly messaging system allows managers and other staff members to reach out quickly. TimeForge stores all messages for a user in one location in their account, which displays incoming messages first, followed by sent messages.

Contact specific staff members, departments, or locations. With a few simple clicks, managers can send notes to one or more chosen employees – or everyone at a location. Staff members can be selected by department and position, too. Our software makes it very easy to find and select the right members of your team – fast.

Contact scheduled or non-scheduled staff. Managers can easily send messages only to those team members who are scheduled (or not scheduled) for that day. This can be especially helpful when communicating urgent information, like emergency open or close times or last minute audits.

Don’t use TimeForge Scheduling? No problem! It’s not required to take advantage of our messaging system.

Review your messages anytime, anywhere

When a team member logs into TimeForge, a Notifications icon alerts them of new messages that await review. Recent messages also display on the dashboard in the Messages widget. Click a link on the widget to instantly go to your Messages page.

On the TimeForge Messages page, all of your notes – both incoming and sent – are viewable at any time.

View and reply to messages received. Team members are able to log in to their account and view all received messages. They can even view their messages on the go from their mobile device.

View sent messages. These show the date and time you sent them, as well as who you sent them to. In addition, when sending the same note to multiple people, you can see many messages were sent via email and how many were sent via SMS.

Track read receipts. TimeForge tracks which messages have been viewed inside the application. Our software will you tell you exactly which employees have opened your message in TimeForge.

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Keep staff members up to date, no matter where they are

In today’s world, cell phones are common (if not necessary), and TimeForge can help you take advantage of their convenience to get the word out. When sending a message through our software, you have the option to send the note as an SMS text message, as well. This will send the message straight to the user’s cell phone number as provided under their employee profile.

Reach your entire enterprise instantly with SMS Texts. The ability to send messages to the entire management team or even the entire company is crucial, especially during emergencies or difficult times. TimeForge can easily accommodate business or team wide announcements, whether you have one employee or tens of thousands. Use them to communicate important business changes, new ground rules, or upcoming policies.

With our online log books, never lose important details

When you send messages through TimeForge, you have the option of saving the note to the Staff Log, where it will be viewable by present and future staff. The Staff Log is just one of three different types of log books that TimeForge uses to help you store details that are important for day to day operations.

For example, when sending out a reminder to staff about upcoming training, you could check the box to save to the Staff log. Once it’s in the Staff Log, it’ll be kept as part of the company’s records. Entries in the log can’t be lost or destroyed, and they’re always findable with a quick and easy search.

Another advantage to keeping notes in the log is that it helps keep employees and management accountable.

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Increase employee engagement and reduce employee turnover

Our team communication features improve the profitability of your business in a number of ways – not just through messaging. By keeping employees happy and managers in-the-know, you can run a more optimal business. Other things you can do:

Increase employee engagement with shift ratings. With TimeForge Scheduling, team members can rate their shifts. They can give a thumbs up or down to indicate whether the shift went well or not. This helps give managers a better idea of how things are going.

Collect employee feedback through end-of-shift notes. With TimeForge Attendance, staff members can write notes about their shift when they clock out. This is just one more way managers can stay on top of issues and address team member concerns.

Reduce employee turnover with shift swaps and requests. When you empower your staff with the ability to swap shifts or to make requests (including ‘want to work’ requests), you create a more positive work environment. As a result, you get happier employees and see less turnover, which improves your bottom line.

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