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Take Advantage of TimeForge Integrations

Get in sync across platforms and devices

TimeForge integrates with many popular point of sale, HR, and payroll software systems. Whether you’re in the grocery, retail, or restaurant business, our integrations can save you time and money. They do this by making your sales and labor data work hard for you — instead of the other way around.

Our software also supports biometric time clocks for your stores, and you and your team can always use our mobile apps.

We are proud to be partnered with premier firms around the world that have an interest in providing the highest quality labor management, employee scheduling, and time keeping tools to their clients. Interested in becoming a TimeForge partner or learning more about TimeForge? Check out our partnerships page and online resources.

Track your sales and labor all in one place.

POS Integrations

TimeForge integrates seamlessly with leading retail and restaurant point of sale (POS) platforms.

These platforms provide real time access to sales and employee performance.

With a POS integration, you can quickly gain insight into SPLH and IPLH, labor percentages, and many other drivers for your business.

HR and Payroll Integrations

Don't waste time with manual data entry between two different time keeping and record systems. Our software can keep your labor and PTO in sync so you can stay compliant.

TimeForge integrates with payroll platforms such as ReadyPay Online and WORX, as well as human resources information systems (HRIS) such as Workday and Ultimate.

Time Clocks

With our biometric time clock, employees clock in and out with the press of a finger or using one of our no-contact options. Also supports a pin/password option if you don't want to use our biometrics.

TimeForge time clocks enforce staff schedules and keep staff members from riding the clock, while ensuring that labor-to-sales ratios are managed from the POS.

Mobile Apps

Manage employees and track your sales on the go with our Manager Mobile app for Android and iOS. Our apps work great on both phones and tablets.

With our Employee Mobile app, your staff members can pick up shifts, check their time punches, and submit time off requests from anywhere.