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Staff the right people, at the right time – every time

Our software makes the employee scheduling process easy and pain free. With TimeForge, team members are empowered to take ownership of their availability. Staff can easily submit time off requests, do shift swaps, and even indicate when they want to work. Managers receive real time alerts if and when they need to review and approve any changes.

Take advantage of bulk scheduling options, custom templates, and automated tools to quickly create great staff schedules. Use past and forecasted sales to ensure perfect coverage with every shift, every time. Because schedules are cloud based, you can access them from anywhere with your favorite browser or the TimeForge mobile app – it’s free!

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Save time and money with automated tools and templates

TimeForge offers powerful tools to make scheduling a cinch. You can quickly copy past schedules that worked well and reuse them again. You can also create schedule templates, bulk assign shifts, automatically build full schedules, and more. It’s an instant return on investment.

When you use the AutoScheduler™, TimeForge considers factors like availability, hours, and costs to recommend the best team members for each shift. It can even consider skill levels if you want it to.

When you use the ShiftBuilder, our software creates complete shift schedules based on your past and predicted sales volumes. It does this for both manager predictions and sales forecasts, whichever you prefer. You can even compare the two for the best fit.

What used to take hours by hand or with Excel only takes a few seconds in TimeForge. Our scheduling tools help managers build entire weeks’ worth of schedules in minutes. It really is that fast.

Stay ahead of costs with predictive alerts and accurate real-time reports

In today’s fast paced and shifting retail landscape, it’s more important than ever for businesses to keep up with – or better yet, stay ahead of – rapid change.

With TimeForge, you receive short staffing alerts when lack of employee availability will likely lead to unfilled shifts. Our software analyzes upcoming work schedules, budgets, and staffing levels. It then notifies management ahead of time if a store is approaching an understaffing situation.

Alerts and reports provide real time details about unfilled shifts and tardy team members. When schedule enforcement isn’t enabled, TimeForge logs and reports early clock ins and clock outs when they occur, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions about your staff with respect to your labor budget.

When TimeForge is set to enforce schedules, it saves your business money by preventing employees from riding the clock. Schedule enforcement works great with our biometric time clocks, too!

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Stay on the same page with your team, effortlessly

It’s easy to stay in touch with your team when you’re using TimeForge. With our centralized communication tools, you can send out text messages and schedule alerts to all staff members – or just those who meet certain criteria.

For instance, a manager could easily send out an alert to all staff who aren’t currently scheduled, asking for a callback to fill an open slot. Or, a store supervisor could notify all staff of a change in operations that will affect an upcoming schedule or work hours.

Messages and alerts aren’t just on-demand, though. Our scheduling software automatically sends upcoming schedules to both managers and employees on a daily basis. TimeForge also sends text message reminders to team members hours before they’re scheduled to work. Employees should never miss a shift again.

Avoid simple but costly mistakes by using the AutoScheduler™

TimeForge won’t tell you this week’s winning lotto numbers, but it’s great at preventing scheduling problems by identifying potential issues in advance. It does this in real time and before you post or publish a problematic schedule.

Whether you’re a small business or a national chain, even minor human errors can add up to big losses over time. This is why TimeForge lets you know about possible issues before they become a problem that costs you and your business money.

For example, TimeForge will send out alerts when you attempt to schedule someone for overtime or for too many days in a row. Our software also lets you know when an employee is being scheduled from another location or when the staff member is already scheduled for a particular block of time.

When the AutoScheduler™ assigns shifts, you don’t even have to think about these factors; TimeForge will take them all into account for you.

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Keep your employees happy and shifts fully-staffed

Yet another way TimeForge automates workflow is by allowing your staff to swap shifts or bid on open and available shifts. It can do this even across stores and physical locations – we call these types of bids “transfer bids.”

When an employee picks up an available shift, management receives an alert prompting them to approve or deny the change. You can also leave notes for the employee about why the shift was approved or denied.

Either way, team members are happier when they have some control over their schedules and when they work. And happier staff members mean less employee turnover.

For a more hands off approach, managers can set TimeForge to simply auto approve the first bid on a shift by default. This allows for a first come, first served scheduling process that works well in many industries.

Simplify employee time and attendance requests, including “want to work” requests

TimeForge makes workforce management and staff requests easy. With our straight forward self service tools, staff can request time off and note their availability from anywhere. They need only an internet connection.

Management then reviews and approves each request in TimeForge, which gets rid of the need for paper calendars and printouts. (Though, if you’re like us and prefer to print and post your schedules, TimeForge supports that, too!)

Although our software works great in a browser, you can check your schedules anytime with our employee scheduling app for mobile phones and tablets – it’s 100% free!

Once you approve a time off request, the team member won’t be added to any auto generated schedules for that time period. Our software knows better than to schedule an employee who isn’t available to work.

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Take the wheel with proactive compliance

Today’s workforce regulations are more and more stringent all the time, especially in states like California. Fortunately, our employee scheduling software is designed to help you stay compliant, even when the rules are complicated.

Because TimeForge handles even complex break rules and meal requirements with ease, you can avoid penalties and keep overall labor costs down. Our software can even enforce meal periods and breaks, similar to how it enforces shift schedules.

Need to compensate employees for missed breaks due to unexpected work conditions? No problem.

TimeForge automatically tracks meal and break penalties and logs them accordingly. This means that staff are paid for missed breaks when they should be. And just as important: it means your business isn’t hit with heavy fines and fees because someone forgot.

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