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Track employee time effortlessly while preventing unnecessary overtime.

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Why it's awesome

Escape the pain of complicated overtime and pay rules by using automated time cards

TimeForge simplifies time and attendance. Our software automatically calculates overtime, including time and a half, double time, and California overtime. In fact, it can handle pay rules for any city or state in which you operate.

You can set up overtime rules so that they’re universal across the company or tailored to each team member. Rules can be defined according to local or regional laws. When reviewing attendance, managers can quickly see how much overtime has been accrued for the time period, and they can also schedule overtime reports for regular delivery via email, too.

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Take the wheel with proactive compliance

Early clock-ins and late clock-outs by staff members can quickly eat up budgeted payroll dollars. TimeForge can enforce any schedule it creates by requiring that employees clock in at the correct time. When you stop employees from “riding the clock”, you improve the profitability of your business right away.

Our software can also enforce meals and breaks, ensuring that employees take them as required by local or state labor laws. In the event of an unavoidable missed meal or rest break, TimeForge can automatically compensate the employee to protect you from even costlier lawsuits and fees.

Reduce the amount of time you spend calculating time sheets by 75% with TimeForge.

Save time and empower employees with an online self-service portal

Did a staff member forget to clock in or out? TimeForge provides quick and easy editing of time sheets by managers and supervisors. Unlike with traditional time cards, you can edit punches for one employee or multiple employees all at once.

Attendance can be viewed (though not edited) by regular employees using the staff portal – a simple employee self service tool. Staff members never need to bother managers for info about their hours or pay, as their time sheets are always online and available through a web browser, as well as the employee mobile app. This also helps employees catch mistakes early and plan ahead to meet their weekly work quotas.

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Export payroll in minutes, not hours

With TimeForge, you can review payroll costs by employee and by date. Easily manage the payroll approval process by running reports on hours worked and time off, including any sick, vacation, or paid time off (PTO). Then, process the pay period with the click of a button. You can even set up your reports to run on their own at scheduled times.

Quickly and easily export your payroll hours to popular payroll programs such as Quickbooks. Our software is also integrated with supported payroll providers to bring you a seamless experience across the TimeForge platform.

Simplify your timekeeping with automated grace periods and rounding rules

TimeForge Attendance makes it easy to set grace periods for clock ins and clock outs. When combined with our employee scheduling software, you can decide how early or late an employee can clock in or out for their shift before manager approval is needed. Grace periods can be set to whatever works for your business.

Does your business use rounding rules for employees clocking in and out? If so, our software can automatically round staff member clock in and clock out times for you. TimeForge can round employee time cards to the nearest 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, or 60 minute time period.

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Minutes Required to Calculate a Time Card

Calculating time and attendance

Automated time tracking takes only 1 minute per card per pay period, as opposed to 7 minutes on average when calculating manually. For a team of 15 employees on a two-week pay cycle, that’s the difference between spending 15 minutes on time cards versus an hour and a half.

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Eliminate buddy punching and other costly forms of time theft

By default, employees can clock in and out of TimeForge with their user name and password. Most commonly, a staff member’s user name is an email address. We know that buddy punching can be a problem with traditional time keeping, and our time keeping solutions can help.

Our software can use biometric fingerprint scanning as a faster and more secure method for team members to clock in and out. Biometric time clocks deliver fast employee identification and eliminate buddy punching, thereby reducing payroll costs. These devices are more common than ever, and we highly recommend them.

Enable your staff to easily record tips and mileage

Unlike many other time keeping tools, TimeForge tracks key metrics that are important to retail, food-service, or hospitality businesses. Because TimeForge is web based, it’s always online and available when you need it. Staff members can quickly log in and record tips and mileage. There’s no need to wait.

For example, TimeForge Attendance can record tips for employees, which is ideal for waiters, servers, concierges, or hotel clerks who need to report these for tax purposes. Delivery drivers, couriers, and other staff can also record mileage, which can then be reviewed by management staff. Employees can also record a short note at the end of their shift to let management know how it went.

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Access time cards and punches from anywhere

Because it’s cloud based, TimeForge Attendance provides employee time cards for staff members and managers to review anytime, anywhere. Employees can check their own timecards at their convenience, which means less paperwork and circling up for the management team. When managers aren’t caught up in the “small stuff,” they can focus on the things that matter.

With TimeForge, staff members can clock in from any internet enabled computer, or – if you prefer – only from those PCs that are allowed for employee time punches. With a single click (or a tap in the Manager Mobile app), management can check which staff members are currently clocked in. You can also monitor the labor costs for the day or week in real time for an entire location.

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