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Seamless applicant tracking, hiring, and onboarding

Identify the best people for your business, then hire them on with a single click.

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Why it's awesome

Save time with seamless applicant tracking, hiring, and onboarding in one centralized platform

Whether you’re in the restaurant, retail, or hospitality industry, people are your greatest asset. To secure those assets, you need to identify and track the best team members for each job. 

TimeForge Applicant Tracking and Onboarding empowers you to define custom workflows and track applicants every step of the way. With our applicant tracking system (ATS), you can be confident that every job seeker has a consistent experience and goes through the same steps.

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Track applicants from start to finish through workflows customized for your business

TimeForge features tailored applicant tracking workflows. These workflows, called Applicant Tracking Steps, ensure that all applicants for a job follow the same application and hiring process. In addition, these workflows ensure that hiring managers complete all necessary HR steps when job seekers apply.

Pre-screen call, screening, interviews, skill reviews, document checks – TimeForge can handle whatever is right for your recruiting process and business needs.

Replace slow paper forms with online job applications for more qualified job applicants. That's smart labor management.

Find the right candidates with custom, reusable job description templates

The right job titles and job descriptions are both critical for securing the right people. With custom job postings, managers express exactly what they’re looking for in qualified candidates. Posts can include performance standards, skill sets, or even work rules. Anything that makes sense for your business.

When an applicant is searching for open job postings, they’ll quickly be able to determine if applying for the position is the right step for them. And best of all, you can save any job description as a template and reuse it again and again!

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Extend your reach with embedded job posts, or host your own job board

TimeForge offers two great options for listing your job openings: first, your company’s own website, using our custom job board system; and second, integration with Indeed.com, a popular job board service and career site.

When you publish a job posting in TimeForge, you can rest easy knowing that it’s automatically being published where it needs to be.

Save time with custom screening questions

When looking for the right staff, you shouldn’t spend too much time on applicants that are not likely to be a good fit. With our applicant tracking software, screening candidates is easy. Build your screening questions right into the workflow and ensure all applicants are being asked the same questions.

Pre-defined screening questions not only make the process fair but also make it more consistent across job seekers. Well-defined interview questions are also a must for any hiring manager or team, and TimeForge can handle those, too.

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Get automatic email updates for just about anything

With automatic email updates, hiring managers will always know where they’re at in the workflow. These updates are great for keeping managers abreast of changes in applicant status and progress.

Just like managers, applicants want to know exactly where they are in the interview process too, and who can blame them? TimeForge sends out automatic emails to both candidates and hiring staff to keep them informed every step of the way.

Save time and skip the manual data entry

With online Orbeon forms, collect information and signatures from your applicants and new hires without having to deal with PDF or paper documents. Forms can be mapped directly to employee profile details and even custom fields. This allows you to collect all the info you need the first time from your job applicants – there’s no need to do manual entry later.

Because our software is cloud based, you never need to worry about lost or misplaced paper documents, either.

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Onboard your awesome new hires with ease

Don’t waste valuable time on manual data entry. When you’re ready to hire, TimeForge will transfer your chosen candidate’s information directly into their employee profile and human resources (HR) file.

Once an applicant is chosen for the job position, TimeForge seamlessly integrates the new hire into the onboarding process. This includes requesting signatures, completing required federal or state tax forms, and making sure new hires learn everything they’ll need to know about your business.

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Simplify your hiring process with TimeForge. Our applicant tracking system (ATS) makes it easy to hire and onboard your best assets: people.

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