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An online daily log book that will never get lost, damaged, or stolen

The TimeForge Daily Log is a powerful communications tool and digital online logbook that records notes about the business on a daily basis. Notes can be about any topic, such as employee write ups, sales information, or maintenance requests.

In addition, the Daily Log includes robust capabilities for analyzing your notes and can compare any day or week of the log book. It will also automatically record key events from TimeForge Attendance and TimeForge Scheduling, such as changes made to schedules or adjustments to clock in times.

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Not just a manager log, get three digital log books in one

The Daily Log is actually three different log books, or store manuals, which can hold notes in different formats.

The Manager Log stores details only relevant to management. Notes could include information about inventory deliveries, staff problems, upcoming employee reviews, or anything else that your business needs to track.

The Staff Log records information that is sent by management to all of the staff at a location. This could include notes about upcoming events or changes to work policies.

The Audit Log is a proprietary logging system that records specific information about your business activities. For example, TimeForge creates an audit trail every time a manager edits a payroll entry.

Easily organize and view important details – when you want, the way you want

You can record and read information about your business the way you want it in our easy to use online logbook. The Daily Log presents your data organized for the way that you work. And because it lives in the cloud, you and your staff can view it from anywhere.

The Daily Log is like a traditional red book in that it includes all of your daily summaries, shift notes, and upcoming events. But unlike a pen and paper logbook, it can never be lost, stolen, or damaged. Never worry about losing data because of coffee spills again.

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Protect your business from liability issues and save time by uploading files

The TimeForge Daily Log always remembers who made entries in the log book, as well as when each note was made, so you don’t have to. Managers cannot remove notes once they are added to the log, and the TimeForge stores notes forever.

On top of that, the Audit Log automatically saves useful data that provides context for how your business is doing. For example, weather data and sales data automatically save daily to the audit log.

You can upload files to the Daily Log so that important reference material is stored directly with TimeForge for easy day to day access. Management can access all uploaded files online 24/7. This makes record keeping much less chaotic, and labor management becomes a breeze. It’s also great for human resources compliance.

Add new entries with a single click, view them from anywhere with our mobile app

Our log book is designed for day to day use to ensure a fast return on investment (ROI). With the Daily Log, you can easily add entries with a single click, locate manager notes as they occur, and add key performance indicators (KPIs). Log entries for the current day are always listed at the top of the page, followed by previous days.

You can also check a box to store any message you send from the TimeForge Messages page as a Staff Log entry.

Simply sign into your TimeForge account with a web browser to view logs from anywhere. You can also view entries at any time in the TimeForge Manager mobile app, which is 100% free and works great on mobile phones and tablets.

Because it’s always accessible and always there, the Daily Log can never be damaged or misplaced. It’s an electronic logbook you can take with you everywhere you go.

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Customize the log book to fit your business

The TimeForge Daily Log is extremely flexible and you can organize categories in many different ways. Depending on the needs of your business, you could have categories for:

  • deposit logs
  • employee write ups
  • maintenance requests
  • employee hires
  • birthdays
  • sales
  • special events
  • reservations
  • purchase notes
  • and more!

Quickly search log book entries to find the information you need – fast

Built in search capabilities allow you to quickly and easily find notes. You can search for notes by staff member, date, category, or across multiple store locations.

With the TimeForge Daily Log, there is no more wasted time scouring old log entries that are difficult to read, because notes are typed, not hand written. Every note is legible and can be printed if need be.

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Product summary

Manager Logbook Software | TimeForge
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Keep track of important details and daily notes with TimeForge's versatile, easy-to-use manager log book.

Operating System: Windows, OSX, Android

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Unlike a pen and paper log book, the TimeForge Manager Log can never be lost, stolen, or damaged. It’s always there for you.