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We strive to make sure that every one of our customers is excited about TimeForge and what it does for their bottom line. Below is a collection of some of the amazing stories our users have relayed to us over the years:

“It’s cut my time to make a schedule in half!” – Sherry, Manager, Music Man’s BBQ

“TimeForge is awesome!” – Bao, Oompa Toys

“After searching for years, we couldn’t find a decent scheduling solution and even looked at ridiculously expensive software used in other industries. Just as frustration caused us to look into writing our own software, we found TimeForge. They had by far the best software and a great service attitude.” – George, Vice President, Bread & Company

“We really like the program so far. I know that it is geared towards restaurants, but we are a real estate company and we love it because it is inexpensive and it is so easy to use.” – Nicole, Managing Administrator, Exit Premier Realty

“This program is fabulous! I teach hospitality management, and this program may be just what I may be looking for in terms of working on a mock scheduling segment for my course.” – Robert, Hospitality Management Instructor

Hermosa Cyclery

Dear TimeForge,

Wow! We are so happy with your service.

Usually, the benefits of a software automation tools are theoretical. In practice, they turn out to be as much or more work than doing things by pen and paper.

Our managing partner, who types with one finger and just learned to use computers a couple years ago, said TimeForge is a huge time saver. I’ve never heard him rave about one of our processes more affectionately.

I reviewed probably 10 Web-based and 5 or so computer-based solutions. We were most attracted initially to TimeForge for how easy it was to understand and implement. That was paramount, if we were going to be able to use it. We tried implementing a POS software system a few years ago and crashed and burned trying. So, we know what it means to be able to implement something. Using and understand all of TimeForge’s features was just a matter of looking at them, not becoming a power user. That was clear at first glance, too.

We use the scheduling, attendance and reporting features as our only tools for managing employee scheduling and reporting. It’s been liberating and a huge time saver. Frankly, we never thought we could be so sophisticated when it came to this part our business. We find ourselves bragging about that fact among professional management types.

We are one year into it now, well past being enamored with the newness. We are married to TimeForge. It’s as essential to us now as any of our management tools today, and we very happy about that.

– Steve Collins, President, Hermosa Cyclery

Mid Pacific Country Club

As the Manger of several different Departments, I have researched and used several different types of scheduling software and have been very impressed with TimeForge. Once I accessed their trial period, I was up and running within an hour. I have used more than 6 different types of schedulers and theirs is by far the easiest to use. From the ease of setting up work week templates to the tracking of requests, I have been extremely pleased with the time it has saved me and the ease in which it is now possible to make schedules.

What used to take 1-2 hours, now takes 15 minutes. The reports section is comprehensive and useful. The service response TimeForge provides is exceptional and much appreciated. Anytime I had a question, it was responded to quickly and efficiently. In response to different user’s requests, they have modified the program to make it better.

I would highly recommend TimeForge to anyone making work schedules.

– Lawrence Payne, Manager, Mid Pacific Country Club

Zeb's General Store

I own a retail company. We employ 15 full time employees, and between 5 and 15 part time employees depending upon our season. I signed up for the 90 day trial period and have been using the TimeForge program for about 45 days. I have found the program to be easy to use and it hits the mark with respect to our staff scheduling needs. The email notification aspect of the program is a great feature that I am sure our employees will like.

The most important aspect of TimeForge is the incredible customer support. Responses to the help menu item are emailed within 24 hours, and a live person actually answers the phone to respond to your questions. I look forward to using TimeForge and would be pleased to talk with any prospective user of the scheduling program.

– Peter Edwards, Owner, Zeb’s General Store

Kerr Drug

I have enjoyed the ease of use of TimeForge and the variety of reports I can view or print. For each employee, I have entered their individual availability requests (both wanted and needed) and schedule requirements. For all employees I have entered their min and max hours requested. Once a schedule is created it warns me when employees are under or over their requested limits.

It allows me to create a generic schedule based on what I need for coverage, and then “AutoSchedule” to place employees in those slots which has been a real time saver! I can “grade” both the position and the employees so when I “AutoSchedule” the placement would put those with stronger skills in the high volume time slots.

Before using TimeForge, creating a schedule took 2 hours. With TimeForge, it takes less than 10 minutes.

– Gail, Manager, Kerr Drug

Clos LaChance Wines

I wanted to mention to all of you about how much I really enjoy your program and how much time it has saved me at our winery. It’s time consuming to have to hound down your associates for their days available, not available not too mention when they want to swap shifts. TimeForge makes this painless by allowing these associates to do this from the comfort of their home. I love the e-mail blast for upcoming work schedules as well as the auto builder function for schedules and the reporting. GREAT PROGRAM!! Your online tech support is great too!! Please keep this program in business!! I love it!

– Dominic Clos, Owner, Clos LaChance Wines

Amorini Panini

Over the past many months, we’ve been actively looking for a Labor Module that would work efficiently with our tech savvy ownership. We have tested over 10 different systems and kept finding the same problems: no interlocking alerts, no remote clock in control, some had wonderful scheduling systems but they didn’t have any reporting worthy of talking about. Essentially, all the systems were broken in some way. Over the past many weeks we’ve been using Timeforge. It has alerts to owners, controls overtime, stops early clock-ins and late clock-out, reports are automated to managers so they can make decisions instead of looking for problems and the owners are sent reports daily to anything connected to the internet. We have full control of what is going on. It’s very exciting to see Timeforge really “gets it” after searching more than 6 months for a good system.

– Matt, Co-founder, Amorini Panini

Tiara Cafe

“Scheduling for our restaurant with three shifts 7 days a week is a daunting managerial task. The TimeForge scheduling system has not only increased our efficiency tremendously; decreased the errors in what is normally an error prone environment; it has also saved us ten times what it costs us each month. However, the most important aspect of TimeForge is their flexible and accommodating programing staff. Any business that needs to have a flexible scheduling system shouldn’t go another month without TimeForge.”

– Michael Freeman, Tiara Cafe

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