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Attendance Tracking Helps You Get Back On The Floor

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by Stacy Malone, Marketing Intern
Keeping track of attendance can be time consuming, right? Spending hours in the back room, looking over spreadsheet after spreadsheet, copying information into the computer hoping you don’t make any typos. It can give you a headache – especially if you are constantly interrupted by employees who need you out on the floor. Your employees and your customers need you out there, so why are you still using old-fashioned attendance tracking systems that keep you in the back room? Stop using Excel-based tracking methods and start using something better!
Attendance tracking software works with an online time clock or a physical time clock and lets you see when your employees are working, when they’re late or absent, and what time they get off. It can also help you make payroll processing quick and painless by keeping all of the information in one central location and by taking away the pain of planning out employee breaks. Running a web-based attendance solution helps improve your efficiency and lower your cost of ownership.
Web-based attendance tracking software is becoming the standard in most industries because there are so many benefits. You don’t have to run bulky out-of-the-box software or have someone come to your building to fix things when they break. You just keep things online and easily view reports within your browser. This also has the added benefit of making you a more eco-friendly company by reducing paper waste! (Check out Going Green is Good for Profits.)
Another great thing about attendance tracking is that it can track certification needs. Let’s say you have a handful of employees who all have different certifications in a field and you need people with one certification for a certain shift. You can use attendance tracking software to see who has those certificates and who would be the best employee to fill that shift. All of this ends up saving you time and money, and gets you back out on the floor (or actually going home on time for a change)!

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