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Attendance Tracking that Records Leave Type Accruals

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By Jess Castner

If you are using attendance tracking from TimeForge, you already know that it can make calculating employee hours a breeze! Using the attendance tracking reports or exporting to your payroll provider has hopefully allowed to you claim more of your day to actually manage your business. Add the ability to enforce the schedule or integrate with your POS system, and you have more power with your employee attendance than ever before! There’s another thing that attendance tracking allows you to do that you may not have considered.

Holiday time, sick leave, and other paid time off can be a hassle to keep track of. Although these incentives are meant to provide and inspire employee productivity and loyalty, they often cause headaches for management and human resources departments when it’s time to actually distribute the accrued time. Even more, most states require employers to insure these benefits as carefully as employee wages. So, it’s critical that if you offer leave types, you keep the accrual records accurate.

Since these types are often accrued according to hours worked, accurate attendance tracking is a must for any employer offering paid leave. Meet TimeForge Max. TimeForge’s premium labor management solution is designed to provide accurate monitoring of all facets of your labor management. In particular, calculating paid leave-accrual can provide you a little more time to do the thing you’re best at: running your business! When employees can trust that the benefits they have worked for will be accurately dispersed, they’re happy. When you, the manager, no longer have to spend hours each pay period determining who has used and who has earned paid time off, you’re happy!

So, if you’re already using TimeForge Attendance, consider the seamless progression to TimeForge Max to maintain accurate leave type accruals. Not a TimeForge customer, yet? We’d love to work with you! Give us a call 866-684-7191 to schedule a demo, or you can e-mail [email protected]. Let TimeForge do your scheduling, attendance, and human resource documentation-and get back to work!

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