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Audrey Makes Employee Scheduling Simple!

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What’s your name?
Audrey Presley
What do you do at TimeForge?
A little of everything: sales, marketing, customer support, data entry, team training, analytics, research, literature, graphic design, errand-running, lunch-grabbing, and saying “totally” excessively.
How long have you been working with TimeForge?
What’s your favorite part of working at TimeForge?
I get to meet people from all over the world… from different industries, countries, backgrounds. Every person I speak to has a business with unique circumstances, needs, and character. Cheesy, I know, but I really love the problem solving that goes into coordinating a realistic answer for the individual needs of that one business.
I know that the next time I talk to that ice cream shop manager, or toy car retailer, or autism therapy coordinator, they will have one less thing on their shoulders… And I like knowing that I work for a company that’s in the stress-relieving business.

How do you make the lives of TimeForge customers better?

Unique though they may be, all of the business owners and managers that I have worked with have two things in common: they want to make more money and they want to spend less time doing it. I speak with people who are so fed up with wasted time and money that they google for an hour, sign up for six different labor management “solutions”, and proceed to get so confused that they have no idea who TimeForge is or why they signed up for it.
I can usually offer an answer that they weren’t expecting… Then I can hear the relief and disbelief in their voice when they comprehend the ROI implications of the feature or product I just showed them, the excitement when they realize how much faster or more efficiently they can do something, then the ready eagerness when they realize that they can go home early or take a day off for the first time in years.
I make TimeForge users lives better by reducing the amount of their life that’s spent shut away in a back office, weeping over stacks of paperwork, time cards, and time off requests. They can go home and spend time with their family or pet iguana or whatever.
What was your first hourly job?
My first hourly job was for Resolution. I mostly worked with a patent company- writing blogs, researching, coming up with trivia, answering phones, doing other reception tasks, and MySpacing.

What was your first restaurant or retail job?

I worked for Kay Bee toys when I was 17. My first day was on Black Friday during the store’s going out of business sale. I got there at 4:00 am, as instructed, and none of the managers got there until almost 6:00. I wore an elf costume and explained that I had no clue what the “in” toy for Christmas was to angry-looking, bargain-hunting parents. My first shift was a solid 12 hours, but felt like decades because of the chipmunk rendition of jingle bells blasting in double time through the speakers on loop. Needless to say, I was eager for the store to close.
What’s your favorite hobby?
I love volleyball and painting, but my hobby list seems never-ending and ever-expanding.
What’s your favorite sports team?
I don’t have one. Can I have a favorite pretend sport instead? If so, it would be American Gladiator style giant q-tip fencing. …Or noodling (which is a real sport) because it sounds funny.
Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a fat little dog named Holly and an EP². They just play, eat, and sleep all day long, and smell funny half the time.

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