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Autoschedule your employees!

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Wasting time pulling up spreadsheets and looking at sticky notes? Spending hours trying to figure out who needs to be scheduled for which shift? Time off requests often become lost when they’re written on a piece of paper. Remembering who likes which shifts can be complicated and time-consuming.

How to autoschedule your employees

Using Timeforge Scheduling will allow you to AutoSchedule employees quickly and easily, based on your organization’s preferences. It’s an automatic scheduling software! If you’re already using employee scheduling software, you’re already saving yourself time and money. Why not go the extra mile and save a little bit more?

The TimeForge AutoScheduler will take into account the minimum and maximum hours per day, shifts per day, and hours per week each employee can work. It will also take into account any skill levels you have set up, so that if you have a shift that needs an experienced worker, you won’t end up with a trainee. Additionally, it will factor in your employees’ availability and time off requests. You can even use the AutoScheduler in daily templates if you want.

The TimeForge AutoScheduler is super cool because it gets smarter the more you use it. After an employee has worked a shift, they can rank it and the AutoScheduler will learn over time whether or not to schedule that employee for that shift again. This ends up boosting employee morale as people get to work the shifts they enjoy. The TimeForge AutoScheduler doesn’t just care about employee preferences, it will also start learning your managers’ preferences. For example, if a manager consistently schedules a particular employee for a particular shift, the AutoScheduler will take note and try to automatically put that employee there in the future.

If you’re looking for an automatic scheduling software that can really go the extra mile and help you and your managers save time and money, check out TimeForge Scheduling and the awesome AutoScheduler. If TimeForge might be the right solution for you, please sign up for a free trial or contact us.


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