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Biometric Time Clocks Help Simplify Payroll

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by Stacy Malone, Marketing Intern
If you’ve been thinking about switching over to a biometric time clock, you’ve probably been thinking about the benefits and the risks. You might be wondering how it will affect your employees, whether it’s really worth the cost, and whether it’s going to be difficult to transfer over to using a biometric time clock. Many small businesses might even feel that it’s wasted money because they have so few employees – why invest that kind of money? Time clocks can have a bit of cost upfront, but once they’re running, they really can make your business run smoother, your employees happier, and your payroll more accurate.
Have you had any problems keeping track of what hours your employee works? What days they need off? Have you had trouble getting employees to remember when they came in and left, and remembering to write it down for you? Using a biometric time clock and attendance tracking software can help eliminate the problem of people forgetting what time they came in. Some biometric clocks, when used in conjunction with a labor system, can also help you remember what time your employees need off. Biometric time clocks simply scan a fingerprint and match that fingerprint to a person in the system . Then, with the push of a button, the employee can clock in or out.  If you’re using a biometric time clock that works in tandem with a quality attendance tracking software, it also keeps track of all of your employees, their phone numbers, emails, days they need off, certifications they have, and more. This can make payroll processing and scheduling so much easier.
If you’re using Excel-based attendance tracking software right now, you’re probably wasting hours of your time trying to figure out who worked when and how much to pay them. It can be frustrating! Maybe it’s time to think about a better solution and make the switch into the digital age with biometric time clocks and attendance tracking software. If TimeForge’s biometric TimeClock might be the right solution for you, please contact us.

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