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Labor Management for Clinics and Doctors' Offices

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An efficient employee schedule for health care professionals can be a hassle to build. It is difficult to coordinate full time and part time staff with varying skill sets and availabilities. Consider each employee’s accrued PTO, necessary meal breaks, certification requirements, time-off requests, and shift swap requests, and you could have a real mess on your hands when trying to build a labor schedule.
Labor management is boring, time-consuming, and necessary for any successful clinic or health care office. TimeForge can eliminate the frustrations of employee scheduling. TimeForge enables medical office managers to cut scheduling and attendance management time from hours to minutes! With TimeForge, you can easily and securely create or modify your labor schedule and monitor your labor costs and overtime in real-time, 24/7,  from your computer, smart phone, or social networking account (like Facebook). By streamlining your labor management, you can better forecast future labor costs and potential staffing shortages to avoid roadblocks well in advance.
With TimeForge, you can schedule the staff members with strong skill levels or necessary certifications during high volume shifts, automatically export attendance to your existing payroll system, and automatically notify employees about the upcoming schedule through email, text message, or their social networking account (eliminating missed shifts). By automating these processes and streamlining your labor management processes, you’ll find that you have much more time to attend to the other matters that require your attention. In fact, you’ll probably find that the time saved during the first week alone pays for the investment.
TimeForge is an essential labor management software for healthcare managers, but if you are still not convinced, read what TimeForge users are saying… or sign up for a free 10-day trial today to discover for yourself how easy to use and time-saving it really is.

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