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Daniel Makes Labor Scheduling Simple!

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What’s your name?
My name is Daniel Jorge Fernández Terrazas.
What do you do at TimeForge?
I do mostly programming. I’m involved of several core parts of the timeforge system, which includes development in several languages and technologies. I also participate in the design and specifications of the stuff that Timeforge requires.
How long have you been working with TimeForge?
I’m working like 5 years, until now.
What’s your favorite part of working at TimeForge?
Well, the best part of working at Timeforge is learning new stuff. Almost every day I learn at least one new thing. I’m proud to say that I have participated and did at least some part of any of the TimeForge features, and I have learned several tricks and practices. I have worked with several smart people and tried to get the best of everything and everybody.
How do you make the lives of TimeForge customers better?
My goal is to have something that will be useful for the user. In these several years, I have seen and modified a bunch of functionality to have the user happy. We have redone and revamped several of the core functionalities of Timeforge, but sometimes is really difficult because something may be good or cool for a user, but not necessarily for another one, thats some of the risks when working with different kind of users and industries, however, I think we are doing this quite good, we are getting more and more clients using timeforge through these years. I really hate when a problem or bug appears in the system, because its a problem for the user and we are here to help the user
not to produce more problems in their lifes.
What was your first hourly job (what did you do, what company)?
Well I started working on Piramide Informatik, I used to do most of the time research about new technologies or tools, once we got something we used to test it in depth and see if it really works.
What was your first restaurant or retail job (what did you do, what company)?
I started helping my grandmother and mom, in a store we still have. I used to attend it and manage the base part of products, like ordering/selling.
What’s your favorite hobby?
Well, I guess that my favorite hobby is to travel. I had several health problems which took me to know new places….and guess what, there is a whole world out of there that needs to be visited. I have changed several of my ideas, so I now like to travel and know new places.
What’s your favorite sports team?
My favorite team is Aurora, which is a soccer team from Cochabamba-Bolivia, where I’m from. All my family likes this team, and some of my uncles have played there at the very beginning, so since no one is playing there any more, we just like it….
Any pets?  What kind, and what are their names?
Yes, we had 2 dogs, The mother’s name is Winnie, and her daughter is Lola…..However, in the last few days, Lola had 5 puppies, but we are getting new families for them, we have enough with just 2 dogs, lol.

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