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You may be wondering if there are any free restaurant scheduling software products out there…somewhere…maybe up in the cloud. Well, the answer is yes. TimeForge offers a free restaurant scheduling software for single-location restaurants with up to twenty-five employees.
Free? What’s the catch? There is no catch! We’ve been building software for restaurants for half a decade–with some amazing results (We saved a single QSR location almost $300,000 last year.)…and we know that to compete as an independent or a franchisee, you need tools. The same tools that the chains have. Smart tools. Tools that make you and your business smarter and faster–a leaner operation.
So why use TimeForge free scheduling software? Well I think that’s pretty self explanatory. But just in case, here is a list of what TimeForge Scheduling Lite (the free version) includes (and even more is hidden up in the cloud):

  • Track employees and positions (job codes).
  • Allow your employees to access the staff portal so they can see their schedules online.
  • Access our Facebook application!
  • Track your labor costs by position, by employee, or by day or week.
  •  Build schedules of any length–monthly, weekly, daily, or bi-weekly.
  • Copy a previous schedule to the next week in two clicks.
  • Email messages and reminders to staff members about upcoming schedules.
  • Record employee time off or change staff member availability.
  • Allow staff members to swap shifts with manager approval.
  • Add additional locations and staff members by upgrading to TimeForge Scheduling.

So quit using Excel. I’m serious. It’s way too time consuming! On average, it takes almost 4 HOURS per WEEK to schedule your restaurant in Microsoft Excel. That’s 10% of a 40 hour work week! With TimeForge, you can build a schedule in minutes. Microsoft Excel scheduling templates don’t work well–how are you tracking availability? Staff requests? No shows? Color coding? How do you know when a change was made, or who made the change? You cannot tell, and it sucks. Use software designed for restaurant scheduling to make your life easier. Try our free restaurant scheduling software today!

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