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Human Resources, Hiring Success, and Twitter

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Secrets for Hiring Success
Employee scheduling is an important function of human resources and operations at your business.   Good employee schedules will reduce turnover and increase retention, improving cash flow and profits.   Tracking time and attendance is also an important human resource task.   Other HR tasks include processing payroll, hiring, exit interviews, and employee onboarding, among many others.
Hiring is often one of the most complicated and difficult tasks for operations and human resources to perform.   This 7 Secrets for Hiring Success article from Success Performance Solutions is a great reference for hiring managers everywhere in all industries.
Twitter in Human Resources, According to
Twitter is a popular micro-blogging tool that is receiving a lot of press, and has grown significantly over the past 3 years.   A number of industries, including Hollywood, television, music, and others are using Twitter to help grow and keep fans “in the know”.   However, Twitter is also finding a number of uses in the Human Resources (HR) world, as reported by
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