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Implementing Obamacare: One Step At A Time

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As an employer, ultimately how Obamacare affects your business will depend entirely on your preparedness. We believe that you can meet any new challenge with the right tools. As the Affordable Care Act takes effect, you’ll find an entire chest of new tools offered by TimeForge to meet the new demands.

The most immediate of the new obligations asserted by the Affordable Care Act is that employers are now required to oversee the disbursement of notifications to all employees about the opening of exchanges. The exchanges are online marketplaces, mandated by the federal government to be created for the purpose of allowing individuals and families to purchase healthcare coverage. These networks have been projected to be fully operational by October 1, 2013, which is also the deadline for employers to notify their employees about them. Steep penalties are assessed for failure to comply to this notification mandate. Therefore, it’s critical that you have the resources you need to comply with this law, and do it as efficiently as possible so that you can get back to serving your customers.

TimeForge has added the ability to quickly assemble this notification for all of your employees. Doesn’t it make sense to handle this new task within the same context that you oversee all of your other human resource matters? The document (OMB No. 1210-0149) can be completed using all of the employee information you have already entered into TimeForge and currently use for human resource management.

Why would you use this new notification tool?

Get it done FAST. Complete all of your required OMB No. 1210-0149 forms in minutes. Using the data that you already have stored in TimeForge for your employees, you can quickly compile the notification for each one. Complying with the Affordable Care Act employee notification requirements is a major hassle for anyone that has to complete this new form individually for each of their employees. TimeForge will undoubtedly save you time in this area.

Keep employees informed. As the mandated individual deadline (March 31, 2014) for obtaining healthcare coverage draws nearer, your employees interest in the exchanges will likely increase. By producing notifications such as OMB No. 1210-0149 in TimeForge, you can allow your employees to access them at any time through their own TimeForge account. This is an efficient way to keep employee records because it eliminates the need to reproduce the notifications.

Protect yourself. Avoid penalties for failing to comply with the new notification mandate. Using TimeForge to file these notifications ensures that they are done accurately and that you have verification that every employee has received their notification. Being able to prove that you have submitted adequate notice to your employees about the exchanges could potentially save you from incurring costly penalties.

With TimeForge, you can expect more.

You can expect more from TimeForge than scheduling and attendance. This is especially true for addressing Obamacare in your labor management. With each new phase of the Affordable Care Act,  you will face new responsibilities as an employer. TimeForge is the smart way to comply with the new law. In 2014, you will be making new calculations about your labor to assess whether you are a large employer and therefore required to offer healthcare coverage to your full-time employees. TimeForge will make this task simple. If part of your strategy for handling Obamacare includes monitoring your labor to either avoid having to offer healthcare coverage or to limit the number of employees that will be eligible for the coverage you offer, TimeForge will be invaluable to you. These are just some of the ways TimeForge is equipped to help you efficiently deal with the pending responsibilities associated with the Affordable Care Act. They are all designed to help you tackle the task simply and quickly.

After all, why should dealing with Obamacare be your new full-time job?

For more on how to comply with Obamacare as an employer, visit our Obamacare website:

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