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Communication is key in the fast paced environment of your business.   Communicating with staff can be frustrating, whether you’re attempting to inform them of policy changes or just trying to fill a shift for this afternoon.
Miscommunication among staff members, or between staff and management, can leave you frantically trying to fill a shift only minutes before it begins, calling employee after employee, ultimately ending up short-handed, an hour behind on your managerial tasks, and pulling your hair out.
However, with TimeForge’s unique messaging feature, those days are gone.

To send a message, select "Messages" under the "Schedules" tab, then click "Send a Message"

TimeForge’s labor management software offers a convenient communication feature (similar to e-mail or text messages) within the TimeForge system to make staff communication convenient and time saving. Now, rather than  taking the time to call employees while on the clock, you can send messages specifically to the person, people, or groups you need to contact. You can choose to send the message to selected staff or management members, unscheduled or scheduled employees, the entire staff, or just certain positions or departments.
When sending a message, select which staff members you want to send the message to.

TimeForge even takes care of the “I didn’t get the memo” excuse, so you don’t have to worry about staff members failing to check their TimeForge messages (or to answer their phones). All TimeForge messages are also sent to the recipients email, and an audit log is provided inside of TimeForge for users who view the message in TimeForge, ensuring that they “get the memo”.   Messages also show up inside of Facebook, on mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones or iPads, and through an RSS feed.
TimeForge’s messaging feature helps you spend less time managing labor and more time ensuring that the business runs smoothly, saving the company money and reducing turnover by increasing communication among the staff and management.
Sign up for a free trial today and see what TimeForge can do for you!

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