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Mobile TimeClock: Attendance Monitoring for Everyone

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Versatility is absolutely key in continuing to meet your customers’ needs. You need to be able to provide excellent service in varying circumstances, and you need to manage your labor at the same time. At TimeForge, we are expanding the ways we serve your labor management needs so you can keep track of how your employees are taking care of your customers.

Sometimes, this involves taking advantage of TimeForge’s (awesome) online time clock and scheduling features. Sometimes, your needs may require a separate time clock. Maybe you need TimeForge to cooperate with your POS system to create a systematic monitoring process of all of your labor and sales data. But what if your labor force is small enough that installing TimeForge’s timeclock is not practical or mobile so that you need to be able to track your labor where it goes?

Business, meet TimeForge’s Mobile TimeClock app. It’s just one more way that TimeForge is expanding its versatility and utility to meet your needs. It is simple and it means your employees can clock in quickly and then get to work assisting your customers. In addition to the other apps offered by TimeForge, Mobile TimeClock will make managing your staff simple and convenient. Expected to be available in November, the app makes intuitive sense from a company dedicated to bringing you the smartest solutions for labor management.

On a tablet or other device, Mobile TimeClock can replace your clunky old timeclock. Install the app on your smartphone or tablet to manage all of your labor on the go.  Or, turn any compatible device into a sleek, stationary timeclock. Existing TimeForge Attendance customers will be able to use application immediately to access the collected punches from their TimeForge account, as they would punches from their TimeForge online time clock.
Mobile TimeClock receives time punches on a compatible device which can be accessed and viewed through any TimeForge attendance package. With the purchase of the Mobile TimeClock app, employers will now have access to the free TimeForge Attendance Lite service. A free attendance tracking program that is simple to use, can coordinate with the Mobile TimeClock app and eliminates the headache of calculating employee hours every week? It beats having employees guess and write their hours down or adding up punches for each employee manually. It also offers two comprehensive reports to help you analyze your labor and easily complete payroll processes. For businesses with up to ten employees at a single location, TimeForge Attendance Lite is the perfect, free tool for accurately monitoring your employee attendance!
Look for TimeForge Mobile TimeClock in the App Store and on Google Play. If you’re not already using TimeForge to handle your scheduling and attendance needs, give us a call at 866-684-7191 to see how TimeForge Attendance , Attendance Lite, and Scheduling can save you time and worry each week as your coordinate your labor.

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