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Create Staff Accounts with the User Wizard

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Ready to move to the next level with TimeForge Staff Scheduling or TimeForge Time and Attendance?   Give your staff access!   Allow them to log in, and view schedules, check out their timecards, or request time off (among other tasks). Follow these steps to get your staff up and running!

1. Go to Step 2 of the User Wizard:

Hover on the “Employees” tab, then select “User Wizard” from the drop-down menu. Go to Step 2 (Adding and Modifying Employees) if you have already completed Step 1, which consists of inputting position information.

Go to Step 2 of the User Wizard to edit employee information.

2. If you already have a list of employees (like in Excel), go ahead and click “Copy and Paste Employees”.

You can use a spreadsheet or any other existing list. If you don’t already have a list of employees to copy and paste from, go down to Step 5.

If you have existing employee lists, don't spend time entering each employee one at a time!

3. Copy and Paste your existing employee list into the box provided.

Each employee should be on their own line with their first name first and their last name last. (You can also type the staff in, one at a time, if you prefer, in Step 5 below.)

Copy and paste employee lists to save time!

4. Be sure to preview your changes, then click “Import These Employees”.

Make sure the employee names are in the correct format, with names in the correct categories.

Import employees from excel quickly.

5. If you don’t already have an existing list of employees, simple enter them one at a time into the fields provided.

6. Be sure to add employee email information so that TimeForge can contact them about personalizing and completing their employee accounts.

Provide employee email so we can contact them with login information.

7. Check the box next to each position that the employee can work by clicking on the box.

You can check more than one position, and you can modify the employee’s position skill levels in the “Employees” section under the “Employees” tab by clicking “edit” next to that employee.
TimeForge will automatically send an email to your employees with information about setting up their employee account, which they can use to access schedules, put in requests, and check their attendance.
TimeForge will also automatically notify each employee whenever a schedule is posted or changed to affect them; we can contact them via any convenient means – text message, email, or through social networking sites (like Facebook notification).
Let TimeForge simplify your labor management! Sign up for a no obligation free trial of our employee scheduling software today!

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