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Social Media and Labor Scheduling

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Still trying to figure out what social media is, and how it’s going to help your retail or restaurant business? Not quite sure what Twitter may be, why you need a Facebook page, or what you need a blog for? You are not alone! Not everyone gets the connection yet between social media and labor scheduling, but they will.

Social media and labor scheduling: who’s figured it out?

Starbucks Coffee is still trying to figure out social media, and how to make it work from a business perspective. So far, they’ve managed to rack up more than 1 million Facebook fans, more than 81,000 Twitter followers, and are now ranked number 6 on the Top 100 Social Brands list for 2008. Read more about this article at Nation’s Restaurant News.

Of course, we’re not quite THAT popular, but we’re making the most of social media:

  • You can follow TimeForge on Twitter, and read all about restaurant and retail labor scheduling.
  • TimeForge has a Facebook application, so that you and your staff can receive schedules, shift swap notices, requests for time off, timecards, messages, and more with your Facebook account!

How complicated is the employee schedule at your restaurant or coffee shop? Are you making the best possible work schedule, or are you wasting precious labor resources? How much of the employee turnover at your business is created because of bad (or late) employee schedules?

Did you know that TimeForge can reduce turnover, improve retention, and increase profits at your restaurant? Sign up today for a free trial!

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