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Should you Schedule by Shift, or by Task?

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If you are a business owner, scheduling employees properly could be a very tedious job. In huge companies, the workforce analyst and scheduler work together to come up with an effective schedule that will both benefit the company and its employees.
For small businesses, the manager or supervisor is assigned to take care of this task that requires careful and meticulous planning. Amid all these, there is one huge concern for employee schedulers, and that is if they should schedule by shift or by task.
Scheduling by shift means a manager is to schedule employees depending on the time that the business is open. For instance, if you run a restaurant that opens from 8am to 11pm, you can have four shifts: 6am to 2pm, 10am to 6pm, 2pm to 10pm and 4pm to 12pm.
This means you have people preparing before the restaurant opens and you have people closing the restaurant. When a manager schedules by shift, it means that employees who come within the assigned time slot are expected to work during that time.
Scheduling by tasks means scheduling employees based on their skills and their ability to perform the tasks needed. The manager then needs to indicate who among his or her employees are better suited for each task. Once he has determined this, he can now schedule the workers accordingly.
Employee scheduling is an important job that needs the focus and attention of the scheduler. It often requires time and critical thinking to be effective. Employee scheduling software has been designed as an aid to help schedulers easily identify employees and their schedules.
Thanks to this helpful tool, managers, supervisors, workforce analysts, and employee schedulers are able to dedicate their time to value added services that customers will appreciate.
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