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TimeForge Competitors

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Believe it or not, TimeForge has competitors – most businesses do.  Some of our competitors are specific to restaurant or retail scheduling, and others are more generic to the labor management market.  We have competitors who sell only attendance software, or only scheduling software, and even a few who sell only human resource software.  There is a niche for just about any type of software – it’s an age old battle between best-of-breed software and all-in-one software.

Let’s look at some of the companies that are TimeForge competitors

If you’re trying to compare us to some others, let me go ahead and save you some web searching:

Restaurant Industry

General Retail

We have competitors who love to issue press releases every time they acquire a client with more than two stores. We have competitors who have closely tied their companies to some of the largest chains on the planet. It’s true! We also have competitors who run R&D think-tanks bigger than our whole company – that’s a lot of thinking! We even have competitors who have stolen our own internal studies and published them as their own on their blog and twitter feeds (yes, we know who you are).

Note: One prominent restaurant scheduling competitor continues to pepper their own twitter feed with our labor management studies, without providing TimeForge any credit. I get it, really I do – you just don’t want to go to the effort of talking to your customers to see how awesome your own software is. Surely it’s awesome enough that you have your own impressive numbers?

But, since it was our hard working crew that performed the study, using our customers, please start including some attribution in your tweets. Otherwise, we’ll need to call you out by name – and that’s just gonna be embarrassing. We hate it when the lawyers get involved. Thanks so much!

We’re honest about TimeForge’s competitors

Prospective customers who call us with questions about our competitors get a very frank answer … if you want to play with their software, give it a try. It doesn’t hurt our feelings. No, we don’t keep up to date with every single new feature that each of our competitors has. That would take a lot of time – time we would prefer to use listening to our own customers and building our product to meet their needs. If you’d like us to listen to your needs, sign up and become a customer. That process is dead-simple easy.

I’m sure that these other businesses all have great qualities … they probably do something (or lots of things) really well. After all, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have any customers.

On the other hand, if you want to use our competitor’s software, please do. Our sales people (and our potential customers) are often astounded by this statement,. but I’m always reminded of my grandfather, a very successful entrepreneur, who told me “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

Come on back if our competitors fall short, we’ll take care of you

If you don’t think our software rocks – that is ok – please use a different product. And, if you decide down the road you made a horrible decision to go with our competitor, come on back. We’ll gladly give you a big hearty West Texas “Welcome Back”. Heck, we might even hug you!

We do three things very well, and those are the only things we’ll ever want to do:

  1. Make sure staff members stay in the loop on everything the business does.
  2. Keep managers happy and on the floor – keep them out of the back office.
  3. Be flexible, so that the software can change as needed for our customers.

That’s it.  That’s all.

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