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Axonify + TimeForge Integration

Save valuable time and eliminate errors when you integrate TimeForge with Axonify

Integration Benefits

About Axonify

Axonify is the proven frontline enablement solution that gives employees everything they need to learn, connect and get things done. It starts with brain science and AI to drive knowledge retention through bite-sized microlearning and daily intelligent reinforcement. Embedded two-way communication and feedback ensure staff is engaged and informed, no matter the scale of the organization. Guided task management shows employees exactly how to put their training to use, every single day.

With an industry-leading 83% engagement rate, Axonify is used by companies to deliver next-level CX, higher sales, improved workplace safety and lower turnover. Axonify enables over 3.5 million frontline workers in 160-plus countries, in over 250 companies including Lowe’s, Kroger, Walmart and Citizens Bank. Founded in 2011, Axonify is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario.

About the Axonify Integration

By integrating Axonify and TimeForge, you can save time in your daily workflow and ensure every employee makes it into the Axonify system with the correct details, so they can take full advantage of the Axonify platform for learning and enablement.

Our integration regularly sends employee data to Axonify’s system, including:

  • employee name and ID
  • whether the employee is active at one or more locations
  • hire date
  • job title
  • primary and other positions
  • additional details for their Axonify profile

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