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Dinerware POS Integration

Track your labor and sales together when you integrate TimeForge with Dinerware

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About Heartland Dinerware

Heartland Dinerware is restaurant and bar management software “made to order.” With over 35,000 cafes, bars, grills and night clubs using Dinerware around the world, Heartland has become an industry leader in POS solutions for hospitality businesses. Described as simple yet feature rich and highly flexible, its purpose is to help business owners craft dining experiences that will keep customers coming back. Want to learn more? You can read a little bit about the Dinerware startup story in our blog.

About the Dinerware POS Integration

TimeForge integrates with Dinerware to bring your sales and labor in sync. With this integration, TimeForge automatically pulls sales data from the point of sale system, syncs this data to our system, and allows you to build fast and simple schedules.  TimeForge and Dinerware compliment one another, and integration of the two is fast and easy!

Forecast sales by gross sales, individual menu items, or groups of menu items (such as entrées or desserts). In addition, view your sales in real time from the palm of your hand using our Manager mobile app. The app works great on both smart phones and tablets and is 100% free. Enforce staff schedules, avoid labor law noncompliance, and ensure you have the right people staffed when you need them the most.

Let us take care of the tedious stuff.

Skip the manual data entry and save valuable time by integrating two great platforms that will work hard for you – together.