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Heartland Payment Systems Integration

Save valuable time and eliminate errors when you integrate TimeForge with Heartland Payroll

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About Heartland Payroll

Looking for an easier way to process payroll? Heartland Payment Systems is here for you. With dedicated and on demand support, Heartland takes care of details such as reporting, compliance, and Workers’ Compensation. They do everything with safety first (and always) in mind – for your peace of mind. Their products and services include a wide range of reporting tools to help you manage your payroll taxes.

In today’s world, banking, benefit programs, and insurance providers all need secure access to your payroll data. Thanks to Heartland’s superior technology and built-in e-filing system, they have it. Nothing is more important to Heartland than the security of your business and your data. In addition, Heartland Payment Systems comes with margin friendly pricing that you can afford, without any hidden fees or surprises.

About the Heartland Payment Systems Integration

TimeForge integrates with Heartland to bring your employee time punches and payroll in sync. Forget about additional data entry or manual updates. With TimeForge, there’s no need to maintain hours worked in two separate platforms – our integration will do it for you. Use our best in class software to track employee time cards, handle paid time off, and maintain labor compliance. Then, use Heartland Payment Systems to run your company payroll. Our integration will ensure staff member hours are correct and complete so that you can rest easy.

Let us take care of the tedious stuff.

Skip the manual data entry and save valuable time by integrating two great platforms that will work hard for you – together.