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Integration Benefits

About ReadyPay Online

ReadyPay Online is a user friendly, cloud based HR and payroll platform that helps your business work smoothly and with less effort. RPO gives your company access to benefits admin, payroll, WOTC, and more. With RPO, get the most out your hard working HR and payroll staff by allowing the software to automate tasks for them, such as incident reports.

In addition, ReadyPay Online helps your employees navigate open enrollment periods easily. Keep employee records up to date and organize your payroll journal entry by location, department, and even by staff member. With RPO, you can see where your money is going and make informed choices based on real data at any time. RPO also features a built in employee self service portal.

About the ReadyPay Online Integration

TimeForge integrates with RPO to bring your employees, labor hours, and payroll in sync. More than a mere payroll export, this API integration keeps employee info up to date between TimeForge and ReadyPay. This allows you to take full advantage of our easy to use scheduling and attendance software while still using your payroll platform of choice. In real time, we’ll keep your employee details updated in both systems, so you never have to enter the same details twice.

When you use TimeForge for timekeeping and building staff schedules, you have the option to enforce those schedules, which can help you stay compliant with changing labor laws. Keeping track of breaks, lunches, and special overtime rules becomes a cinch. TimeForge offers many ways for your staff to clock in and out, too. For more info on the benefits of using TimeForge and RPO, contact our Customer Success Team today!

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