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Restaurant Manager POS + TimeForge Integration

Track your labor and sales together when you integrate TimeForge with Restaurant Manager.

Integration Benefits

About Shift4 Restaurant Manager

Formerly owned by ASI, Restaurant Manager by Shift4 is the point of sale system that your restaurant will never outgrow. It offers a total POS software solution that can be easily tailored for use in any sort of food service establishment, from fine dining and table service restaurants to quick service (QSR). Pizza delivery, take-out, as well as bars and clubs – you name it. It can handle table side orders, split checks, and inventory control with ease. It supports both traditional touch screen and tablet cloud based POS.

There’s a reason that thousands of restaurants use RM POS. No matter your type of restaurant business, RM helps to decrease costs, improve efficiencies, and increase revenue.

About the Restaurant Manager POS Integration

TimeForge integrates with Restaurant Manager to bring your sales and labor in sync. Forecast your restaurant sales, stay compliant with labor laws, and ensure you have the right people staffed when you need them the most. One of the most useful features of the integration is that it allows you to enforce staff schedules, thereby preventing employees from clocking in before they are scheduled to work. On top of that, you can monitor your sales and labor from anywhere using our smart Manager mobile app.

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