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Toshiba ACE POS + TimeForge Integration

Track your labor and sales together when you integrate TimeForge with Toshiba ACE.

Integration Benefits

About Toshiba SurePOS ACE

Formerly IBM ACE, Toshiba ACE transforms your point of sale to a point of service. SurePOS ACE was one of the first POS software apps to offer high volume scanning and electronic marketing, among other check out innovations. Today, it continues to help retailers deliver personal and powerful experiences that inspire customer trust and loyalty. Secure and agile, it prevents losses from shrink and helps you respond quickly to business changes and needs.

The platform is simple to use, supports offline use, and handles new payment tech with ease. In addition, it tailors electronic marketing to display promotions and discounts to customers at the lane. One of the best parts about this POS is that it integrates with retailers’ existing systems, saving them time and money.

About the Toshiba ACE POS Integration

TimeForge integrates with Toshiba SurePOS ACE to bring your sales and labor in sync. By syncing data between the two systems, you can take advantage of powerful sales and labor metrics, as well as advanced options for employee scheduling and time keeping. Forecast your sales and ensure you have the right people staffed when you need them the most.

With hundreds of our pre built reports and our robust reporting tools at your fingertips, you can stay on target and within your labor budget. On top of that, our smart Manager mobile app allows you to view your sales and labor data from the palm of your hand. Available for both Android and iOS.

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