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Workday + TimeForge Integration

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Integration Benefits

About Workday

Workday is an on demand financial management and human capital management (HCM) software provider. With their payroll solution, you can process payroll in the way that works best for your business. Make changes when you want, without worry: the software will auto adjust payroll for you as events occur. It will even flag issues before they become a problem, letting you make changes to your general ledger before payroll is run.

Whether you’re implementing policy changes or running payroll as usual, Workday makes it easy to handle the everyday alongside the unexpected. The company also helps you keep up with regulatory changes; they have a dedicated team of experts on the job. These experts monitor laws and provide tools and support to help you manage your payroll compliance.

About the Workday Integration

TimeForge integrates with the Workday API to bring your employee data, labor, and paid time off (PTO) in sync. More than just a payroll export, the integration automatically pulls employee details from the Workday platform and pushes time card hours and PTO requests back to Workday. This allows you to take full advantage of TimeForge’s easy to use scheduling and attendance software while still using your HR or payroll platform of choice. But it gets even better. When you use TimeForge for both time tracking and building staff schedules, you have the added option to enforce those schedules, which can help you stay compliant with changing labor laws.

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