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Smart Labor Management with Mobile Apps

Manage your labor and sales from the palm of your hand

Everything you love about the TimeForge platform fits in the palm of your hand with our smart labor management mobile apps for Android and iOS. Our apps work great on both phones and tablets, and they’re 100% free!

Use the TimeForge Manager mobile app to access and edit employees and their shifts, view employees’ attendance, review sales and labor metrics, and see messages, the daily log, and pending requests. Available to supervisors and managers.

Employees can take advantage of the TimeForge Employee mobile app to access their work schedules, trade shifts with coworkers, and see their attendance. The app also serves as a mobile time clock, configurable in several ways, should your business choose to utilize this feature.

Take your labor management tools with you anywhere.

With the TimeForge Manager Mobile App...

Make timely changes to employees and schedules

View and Edit Employee Schedules – Managers can use the app to see schedules and make changes if necessary. They can add new shifts and edit or delete existing shifts from published schedules through their browser.

View and Edit Employees – The mobile app gives managers easy access to a list of their employees, including each person’s contact information. This feature also shows which employees are currently clocked in or out. It’s also possible to edit employee contact information directly from the mobile app.

Access real time sales and labor analytics anywhere

View Sales and Labor Metrics – Your data: anytime, anywhere. Sales and labor costs can be predicted or broken down several different ways through convenient graphs and filterable tables.

View Employee Attendance – The Attendance feature allows managers to check their employees’ attendance for any given day, including their time in/out and hours worked.

Stay on the floor and in the loop

View the Daily Log, Messages, and Pending Requests – Managers can easily check the Daily Log and important TimeForge messages on the manager app. They can also see pending requests from employees for shift swaps, bid shifts, and time off. With our mobile apps, there’s no need to leave the floor just to stay on top of changes.

With the TimeForge Employee Mobile App...

Save time with secure clock ins and clock outs

Enable Mobile Clock-ins and Clock-outs – If a business enables this feature, employees will be able to clock in/out and take breaks using their smart phones. Just open the app, log in, select your position and department, and clock in!

The mobile clock in feature can also be limited to a specific IP address, meaning employees won’t be able to clock in unless they’re physically on-site and connected to the business network.

Mobile clock ins support our health check software, as well. When temperature tracking is enabled, for example, the mobile app will ask the staff member for his or her body temperature when they attempt to clock in for their shift.

Make it easy to view and tailor work schedules

View Work Schedules – Employees can check their current work schedules on their smartphones. The app updates in real time with the TimeForge website, so it’s always up to date and everyone can easily keep track of their shifts.

Swap Shifts/Give Up Shifts/Bid Shifts – This feature gives employees control over their own schedules by allowing them to trade shifts with coworkers, give up shifts, and claim open shifts, all within management’s parameters. When employees have some control over their schedules, they are happier and more engaged, which means less turnover.

Never waste time with timecard questions

View Attendance – Employees can keep track of their hours worked for the current day and past days. The attendance feature shows when an employee clocked in or out, and can even show them the pay they’ve earned for each shift.

View Messages and Requests – Employees can check important TimeForge messages on the mobile app. They can also manage and view the status of their time off requests.

Download our labor management mobile apps - for free!

Click a download link below to get started using the TimeForge mobile apps! They’re completely free. You can also visit our Knowledge Base for helpful guidance on how to get the most of our software.

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