Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA)

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About Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA)

The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) was founded in 1926 to bring family owned, local grocery stores together under the IGA brand. Nearly a century later, the support of a nationally known brand is still giving IGA grocers the ability to better compete, while at the same time, allowing them to stay true to who they are—hometown store owners in a position to meet the needs of their unique communities. Today, communities across the U.S. are being served by second, third and even fourth generation local IGA grocers.

Benefits for IGA Members

Thanks to TimeForge’s partnership with the Independent Grocers Alliance, IGA Members are entitled to special discounts and access to in-house labor experts.

TimeForge has been working with independent grocers for over a decade and has deep knowledge of industry best practices, challenges, and labor market trends.

As an IGA Member, you can expect:

  • labor management tools designed for grocery ops, HR, and finance
  • access to real-time sales and labor reports recommended for grocers
  • help from a friendly team who knows the industry
  • best practices for labor law compliance in your city, state, or region

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